Circulation issues with the vegan product but not vegan food

I’ve been enjoying the Plennyshake Vegan product for close to 6 months now and it is probably around 90% of my diet. My sleep patterns are ok, energy levels, general health, skin, and seemingly everything else seems to be in order. All except one area: my circulation.

There was a holdup with my shipment at Canadian customs for a few weeks and it forced me to buy and eat real food for a week. Before I get further into my issue, let me just say that all of the extra time consumed buying, prepping, cooking, cleaning up after eating real food is quite substantial! I feel that I save probably around 20 hours a week eating J2 rather than real food. It made me appreciate your product that much more.

Getting back to the point. While it did take up more time, I also noticed that my circulation had vastly improved. One recurring experience made it quite apparent, my morning erections…lol They were rock hard for that week. Previously, and now presently while I’m back on J2 full-time, I noticed that my erections were never 100% hard. I also experienced numbness and freezing in my hands and feet. One experience in particular was very alarming. A buddy of mine and I went skating outside for a while when it was maybe -5 to -10 degrees Celsius. Might sound cold to some, but this has never been an issue for me having been born and raised in a cold area of Canada. Plus, we were both dressed the same: good gloves, jacket, etc. He’s also a vegan and he was absolutely fine. While my hands and feet were frozen solid! (more so my hands) I had such a hard time removing my skates. Afterwards, my hands started to thaw out and it was EXTREMELY painful. To the point where I was being a huge baby (didn’t cry though) but moaning and groaning a lot. It was a very alarming experience.

The Vegan product J2 offers has all of the vitamins and nutrients that one should need including all of the ones that take care of circulation. I also acknowledge the fact that everyone’s bodies are unique and that they process foods differently.

So I was just wondering if anybody else had this issue, whether it be the normal J2 product or vegan. I’d love to keep going with meal replacements like J2 vegan, but I do need to address my circulation. I could take supplements to address my issues but I’d rather just eat all food or all meal replacement.

Any input is much appreciated. Thanks in advance

Thanks for your feedback! We advice you to see your doctor with any issues like these as this is definitely not supposed to happen and probably hasn’t been caused by our product. Or, you might be allergic to one of the ingredients or so?

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No numbness or freezing, but I in hindsight, I might have experienced similar symptoms as well. I never thought it could be J2, because I slept less than usual because of work during that time.
I will definitely try out 1 week full J2 and 1 week none at all.

But yeah, with numbness and freezing I’d check with a doc. Maybe add a few cups of green tea and some almonds to your diet.

Apologies for resurrecting an old thread but this is important.
Did you ever resolve your issues? Go to a doctor?
I’ve been sick on and off since January. I don’t exclusively eat Plenny bar and Plenny pot. I varies. Can eat normal food for over a week and one plenny bar/pot can slip in on occasion and the other way around. I’m a meat eater.

These can last for days:
Goosebumps all over.
Freezing and shivers and sometimes I’m so cold I shake a lot.
Cold hands and feet.
Runny nose.

These come and go:
Acid reflux
Nausea for at least 30 to 60 minutes and sometimes vomiting

I don’t have COVID19, have done blood test. I don’t have liver disease or heart disease. Checked with blood test. Doctors have no clue what it is. I ate a piece of plenny bar around 30 to 60 minutes ago after been eating normal food for many days and I got acid reflux and nausea right after that. Just on a whim I searched this forum and found this thread. I have been on plenny shake exclusively without any problems before. Can the reason I’ve been sick for months be the new formula in plenny bar and pot? Some kind of weird allergic reaction?

An update. Doctors have finally figured out what is wrong with me. I’ve got a big hernia in the upper stomach entrance. I was so worried It was jimmyjoy because I like it so much. Doctors refuse to operate so I’ll have to live with it for life and eat smaller portions. Avoid carbonized drinks. Etc.

Case closed. Made a new order a few minutes ago.