Could someone explain the smartshake?

I got a smartshake in my order because the branded ones are out of stock and it has 2 detachable parts to it. I get that the larger one is for storing powder but I don’t really know what the smaller one is for. It has a little divider or wheel kinda thing that looks like it might be for mixing but the hole in it doesn’t fit onto the powder divider thingy that clips into the top of the bottle. Maybe it’s another storage section but I don’t get why it would be.

It’s the other way around! The smaller piece is for storing powder, the bigger one is to put the powder to mix it with water/milk! <3

So the bottom one is for mixing powder and the smaller one for storing powder?

I found out that 2 cups of powder fits into the bigger storage compartment. I think the little one with the divider is for pills…or you just take the divider out and put some snack in it. Maybe some berries or nuts :slight_smile:

@andre1607 hit the nail on its head. :slight_smile: