Diabetes and Jimmy Joy

Does anyone have experience and or data about Jimmy Joy and Diabetes?
I have Type 2 Diabetes and need to watch my Carbonhydrates. My Doc told me I could get about 160g Carbon hydrates a day. A portion of Jimmy Joy is around 90g. More than half of my daily dose.

This means a portion of Jimmy Joy would need to last for 1,5 meals.

Is such a thing feasuble? Are there Sideeffects? I read online that Soylent had problems with sugar spikes.
If you have diabetes, what is your experience with Jimmy Joy?

Thx for your help!

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Hello Girl-some!

I don’t have diabetes but I can tell from the dietitian point of view:
First of all someone with diabetes can drink our shakes, but I won’t suggest to fully replace all meals with Plennyshake, just replace 1 meal instead of all your meals. It’s important to keep extra attention to your glucoselevel when you start using our products to see how it works out. The best way to use shakes like ours when you have diabetes is with guidance of a dietitian so medication can be tuned to it.