Distribution Delays

Why has the time taken to deliver to the UK increased so much since you started doing free delivery to the UK in February? I thought that you’d contracted a distributor so it would be quicker? Below is the tracking information from my most recent delivery and it’s a little disappointing - the parcel has been sat 50 miles away for 5 days now. My first suggestion would be to stop using Hermes - they have an awful reputation in the UK compared to the likes of DPD. I’m glad that you can offer free delivery, but there’s been a real drop in the service level on my last few orders.

28/07/2016 06:42 In TransitITEM SENT TO COURIER
27/07/2016 21:20 In TransitITEM PREPARED FOR DELIVERY
27/07/2016 11:56 In TransitITEM SCANNED BY HERMES
26/07/2016 21:03 In TransitShipped from HUB OXF
26/07/2016 19:26 In TransitReceived at HUB OXF
22/07/2016 17:06 Shipped
21/07/2016 17:41 Ready to Ship
(ordered on 18th)

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Hi there! I’m sorry to hear you’ve been waiting that long already :pensive: usually parcels to the UK only take for a couple of days to get delivered. We always note down any feedback regarding our deliveries, so we definitely take this seriously! We have indeed heard stuff like that about Hermes before, so we’re considering looking into alternatives.