Doesn't feel free

Today I opened a box of Big Bags that arrived at my home. Inside, there was also a free Plenny Drink 8-pack. I usually like free things, but this time, it feels kind of insulting, because it comes acompanied with a price increase. I looked up the price of an 8-pack, and is nearly the same as the extra money I have to pay now to enjoy the same amount of protein that I used to get with the old formula (rip).

I live with a very limited budget, and that’s one of the reasons I buy Jimmy Joy, but things like this make me feel bad. Feels like it is not really free, like I was forced to buy a product I didn’t ask for, indirectly.

Sorry if I look ungrateful, but I needed to vent a bit.

Hey @Sylphion, the free 8-pack is most likely because you were an active subscriber pre-Black Friday, is that correct? We understand that the price point of the Drinks is not for everyone, but we are proud of the end result after 2 years of development and love to introduce it to our customers. The Plenny Shake (both original and big bag) are still very affordable at €1,40 (€1,19 in sub) per meal, especially considering the alternatives.