Excessive wait times

Hey jimmyjoy-plennyshake,

I made my order almost 3 weeks (12 business days) ago, and I’m a little bit disappointed, because I had hoped that it would have arrived by now, but it still hasn’t even shipped yet.

I don’t mean to sound rude, but for me to consider the monthly subscription, the service needs to be more reliable.


EDIT: Order has now been shipped.


Same here… I am starting to be angry. The customer service is nice… even lovely. I already feel like meeting them after the bunch of emails we exchanged but… Still no food nor tracking id received…

I am starting to loose my patience @isabel (I mention you because I only know you :-p)

please, provide me the tracking number you told me you were giving me almost 10 days ago… (order R312684193)

Same here. Ordered on 20.04, still queued for packaging. I even asked to change the vanille bags to some other to ship it out, but it would not be possible and I have to wait till vanille is back. Order Num R552001054. Im loosing hope.

It has now been over 3 weeks.

My order number is R669739113. Could someone (@olivia or @isabel, perhaps) look into it?

Same here. It makes me think in cancelling it.

Please, read my post that can be found here (from this thread):

Hey everyone! Checking up on your orders I see you guys all received the tracking info or even the order itself already by now :slight_smile: unfortunately we’ve been having some horrible delays lately, but please know that we’re working our asses off (while eating loads of bars to keep us going, hehe) to get you your jimmyjoy-plennyshake ASAP. If you still have any questions regarding your order or feel like we’ve got some making up to do, please email us at love@jimmyjoy.com and we’d love to help you further there.