First Order Pictures, The Mostly Good and

Hey all,

So I received my order today and just finished my first Apple Cinnamon meal. Delicious! As my partner exerted a tremendous amount of effort, alone traveling around Beijing to get this for me while I was working, I also got her to have a meal of the Mango flavored jimmyjoy-plennyshake. I thought they were both good, she commented about the texture and mentioned that the flavor wasn’t as good as fresh mango haha. But she has never had a protein shake and this shipment has been a point of major contention for us due to the numerous issues we have had obtaining it the last month. So we can’t be too hard on her :wink:

Oops! I accidentally posted before I finished typing. Now to do a quick edit!

So as you can see, our boxes don’t look anything like Miguels and everything was kinda thrown in there. There were 44 bags of of the Wake-Up but there was a definite layer of powder on most of them. That is hopefully from processing, but I am not so sure because it is only in the box containing the coffee.

Even though I was speaking with Support (and by support I mean Isabel) practically every day or every few days, she never once notified me about no Vanilla even though that shortage wasn’t public until a few days after my shipment. I was sad to see that not only was the shipping late, but the Cinnamon Apple wasn’t even packaged until a week after my order was processed and our account charged (which was already 4 days beyond the shippping time on the front page).

The jimmyjoy-plennyshake is great! I look forward to trying all the flavors in the coming days. My only issue is again with the lack of communication from Isabel who needs to just admit she is pretty much the entirety of the support team. Hopefully this will change soon as prioritizing growth before quality has led erosion of many wonderful brands. As some of my jimmyjoy-plennyshake wasn’t packaged until the night before shipping, she could have extended the courtesy of asking me if I wanted a refund or allowing me to choose what flavor to replace the missing Vanilla bags with, but she didn’t.

Just as Botox doesn’t make people happy, usually achieving the opposite effect and making people appear fake and superficial, flattery and forced platitudes about love don’t make customer service GREAT. I hope jimmyjoy-plennyshake decides to increase their staff to enable better communication with their customers.

I plan to be living mostly from jimmyjoy-plennyshake while living in China and 100% for at least the next 30 days beginning tomorrow. Wish me luck and feel free to respond with any tips or advice you may have!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3


YEASH! IT HATH ARRIVED! :smiley: Very good to hear/ read! :slight_smile:
Hopefully, your stash is large enough to last you through the jimmyjoy-plennyshake crisis. :stuck_out_tongue: (Or is that one over already? I wouldn’t know, actually.)

Anyway; bon appetit :slight_smile:

Bu- but know you’re going to miss out on all the local delicacies :cry: (Cats, Chicken Feet, Snake Soup, 1000-year old eggs… to name a few. ^_^)

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Thanks man :slight_smile: I am so so happy. But am already considering a burrito or salad a week or something…I really like tomatoes and broccoli, you know? And a little pesticide doesn’t hurt right? I have been eating it for 2 freaking years already lol.

But really, this is so freaking good. I had to make myself a Mango a little while ago :smiley:

My goal is to never run out. Ever. I am going to make a huge order in a week or so probably that can last me 3-4 months and it will be AWEEEESSSOOOMME!! I really want to try the Vegan jimmyjoy-plennyshake too! I haven’t partaken since 4/20 (or so, maybe 4/21) so simply seeing the word ‘hemp’ is really exciting haha.

By the way, if you are interested in those delicacies you are welcome to come hang out! I am working alot, and going through FreeCodeCamp/Treehouse…there is a sweet hostel down the street in my hutong with a decent bar attached. I know you are a dev, or at least studying so I think the camaraderie would be alot of fun =)

Anyways, thanks again for the positive vibes. I know I haven’t been so positive. Just trying to fulfill my duty as a consumer and all.

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Hi @shawn! I’m really sorry you think I lacked in communicating with you - while I was emailing with you evenings and weekends to help you get it sorted. It would be great if you could appreciate that, as I’ve definitely been trying to help you and get back to you quickly all the time :slight_smile: You’re just not our only customer and we’ve had a very busy couple of weeks, which is why we have not always answered you immediately. Going to let you know one more time: the forum is not our customer support, so if you’re looking for an answer within a day, always email the support. I’m not the only one in the support team though, but like said, we’ve had a very busy period. We decided to ship the order without the vanilla so we could get it there as fast as we could. We can of course still make this up to you, by for example adding in some extra bags of vanilla to your next order?

Hey Isabel, I appreciate your responses, I really do. I cannot separate your individual emails from the automated notifications I received from the forum but in between April 14 and May 10th I sent you 27 emails. Not all of those are completely unique, but you know I did not feel like you were addressing my issues completely which is why on 21st ofApril I initiay asked for a refund and on April 27th sent you screen shots of my mailbox so you could verify that you were indeed receiving all of my messages. My issue was that even in all those messages, you never told me that the shipment you sent was different than that I ordered and paid for.

As I cant visit the factory and share a coffee with you in Amsterdam, free stuff would really goes a long way in my heart (as with most people :p) and again, I really appreciate it. Is this in addition to the free bags Olivia already said she would give me?

I would also appreciate a jimmyjoy-plennyshake shaker sticker, if you have any left :smile: