FODMAP contents?


After years of terrible stomachaches and IBS, it seems that I (along with my medic) 've been able to narrow down the component that triggers them, and those are the fructans. Right now Jimmy Joy is a big question mark in my diet and the last piece of the puzzle to resolve, I have been a customer for a good couple of years now and replacing most of my meals with it. Sometimes I get the symptoms, sometimes I am all clean.

Could you guys please provide some clarification about the general suitability of JimmyJoy in a low FODMAP diet? I am guessing that since it is a vegan product, the answer will be probably no.

Thank you for being around :slight_smile:

Hi Mad, sorry to hear about your troubles but I’m glad to you’ve learned to live with it :slight_smile:

This is what our food technologist has to say about the matter: We use oatmeal which is considered low fodmap, with adviced of only around 40 gram per day. One bag of Plenny shake contains 165 gram of oats, so from FODMAP point of view, only one meal of JJ can be eaten per day. Next to that Plenny Shake contains 5 gram of sugar. Advice for low FODMAP is only one tablespoon of sugar (15 gram) per dag, so from sugar point of view; you can only eat 2 meals per day. Next to that, our fruit flavors contain real dried fruit, but this is only 1% of the powder, which is neglectable, if you do take this into account, you should avoid the mango flavor, because mango is a high FODMAP fruit. Also our whey based formula contains lactose, so I would advise avoiding the whey version and drink the vegan version. Our products also contain maltodextrin, but according to this article, it should be safe to use:

To sum it up: one meal of the vegan version a day will still fall under low FODMAP diet, and all flavors are OK except the mango flavor.

Hope this helps!


Hi Tim, thank you for the information. I should have been more specific about which product I am using, could you please confirm that the above applies for Plenny Shake Active too? (last I have here are the big bags which I purchased around 1-1.5 month ago)

Thank you again :slight_smile:

I’ve asked our head of research and development to come back to you on this, he’ll answer as soon as he can!

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@Mad Yes, this also applies for the Active! :smiley:

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That’s great Tim. I am a bit sad that I cannot go almost full, but happy that I can still enjoy your products. The team is great as always. Thank you for all the information :smile:

Perhaps off-topic but, have you tried using bulking agents? I also have IBS, but I’m usually fine if I use bulking agents 2 times a day (sometimes 3 if I eat something weird). Still get stomach ache and reflux sometimes (or rather, I have reflux all the time, but usually without any pain/discomfort/etc), but that’s seldom enough that I have over-the-counter meds for those. Bulking agents are available without prescription too though, but I got that prescribed to lower my med-costs.

I live pretty much exclusively on Plenny Shake Strawberry (chocolate before the formula update) and have done so for at least a year now. Then again IBS is a (to my knowledge) complicated diagnosis so maybe your stomach works very differently from mine, but AFAIK bulking agents is generally recommended for IBS (as it helps for both diarrhea and constipation)

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Awesome, thanks for sharing this Sigmund! I’m sure many people will appreciate this input :slight_smile:

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I would like to add to this thread that while on the first phase of the low FODMAP diet it is recommended that you reduce the amount of fructans (including inulin) that you consume. Avoid foods that contain high levels of naturally occurring inulin, and try to avoid products with added inulin.

After the first phase of the low FODMAP diet, you can test your tolerance to fructans and see if you can add them back into your diet.

We update our products regularly so it could be that we add specific ingredients that you are sensitive to. Please always check the version number of the product and the ingredients :slight_smile:

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