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Heavy metal content

Do you already know more?

Hello d.langelaan

My apologies for the delay, but as my colleagues mentioned we had some busy days lately.

We actively monitor the presence of these metals in the food supply of our products, and all levels are below (or nule) the tolerable accepted amounts :wink:

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Joanna, I can honestly not believe that, after waiting for 2 weeks for a response, this is the answer you come up with. When a customer is asking about an overview of the heavy metal content, then I expect exactly that, and not that you are monitoring it, with some tolerable amounts (set by?). I want to see the data.

You as Jimmy Joy have many good things, but openness on the nutritional values of your food product and communication of that is not one of them. Take an example to Huel among others, all of the exact contents are published on their website. They respond immediately to questions on their forum. Here is the page where they publish about all their safety and quality controls, including heavy metals: https://eu.huel.com/pages/food-safety-and-quality-controls.
This is the one point that I majorly dislike about Jimmy Joy, the very limited openness.
Heavy metals might be a tough subject in the complete food industry, since Soylent got sued for it. Especially then, this means that you should be open about it.

So, would it be possible to also publish test results for the heavy metal content? Thanks


We’re more than a week further again, still no response…

I’m afraid Joanna is currently on holiday and won’t be until the 14th I believe… Sorry!

This is hugely disappointing. I share @d.langelaan’s concern about JJ’s openness and communication. It has made me question my continuing use of the product in the past. I am also surprised that @Joanna is the ONLY qualified person at JJ to answer these concerns. Come on, JJ. You can do better. This should be a priority for you.


Exactly this. For this reason, I switched to Huel. This is beyond what is acceptable from a food company. JJ urgently needs to change something, and if there is one thing that is hugely concerning, then it’s that there is only one qualified nutrition person, or at least only one qualified to answer. And that for a food company. Very disappointing this.

Is there any news yet?

Yes this is unbelievable how bad of a service this is.


Jimmy Joy, you can do better than this.

Everyone should calm down.

If Jimmy Joy would have any noticeable content of heavy metals then it would not be allowed to be sold in the EU…

Sweden had a big issue with the EU who wanted to ban surströmming because the content of harmful chemicals (dioxins and PCBs) was too high, in the end Sweden received an exception from the EU. Food regulations are taken quite seriously in Europe.

If you buy any food in the EU then it cannot have high heavy metal content, it would be against the law and it couldn’t be sold.

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Sorry Daan, it really does take too long but there is only one person who really knows anything on this matter and she is currently unavailable. What makes you say it is a ‘major health issue’? You’ve seen blood tests from long-time users right? Our products are very much safe, although I personally cannot give you the exact information you seem to need. Throwing around a term like ‘Major Health Issue’ seems rather unproductive, unnecessarily alarming other readers (aka hysteria). Again, so sorry we let you down on timely providing you the exact information you desire but like Joanna said: “We actively monitor the presence of these metals in the food supply of our products, and all levels are below (or nule) the tolerable accepted amounts”.

Once Joanna has a better answer for you she will provide it here :slight_smile:

I should indeed have stated a potential health issue. Consumption of too much heavy metals definitively is a health issue, also as there has been a court case against Soylent on this very topic.
I am sorry for the hysterics, this is because of the frustration - mainly on the lack of openness about the product (lack of information about e.g. heavy metals) and the very long response time.

Hopefully, Joanna has soon time to respond and publish test results on the website :slight_smile:

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Hello to all!

We apologize for the delay in replying, and appreciate your patience. We haven’t performed this test recently since there hasn’t been a perceived risk from the consumption of our products. As I mentioned before, we are constantly reviewing the safety data provided by our suppliers. Of course, we understand your concerns which are very important for us, so I’m now in contact with our partner that can perform the test, samples that will be tested are on their way :slight_smile:


Hello Joanna! Great to see a response.

You state that you haven’t performed this test recently because there ‘hasn’t been a perceived risk from the consumption of our products’. Does this mean that you will only test when a risk has been noticed by consumption of the product? Are there no tests done to be sure it is safe?

It could be a point that normal food companies might not have to do this testing so thoroughly (besides confirming to the already very strict EU regulations). However, I think that since what you are selling is firstly a completely new concept, and secondly some people rely on it for 100% of their food, I believe that companies like JJ should be extra careful and open about this.

It is great that you are testing it now, I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

Are you, besides testing on heavy metals, also testing on pesticides?

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Without trying to hijack the topic or derail it, but how is your experience with Huel? You seem to have switched weeks ago but I still see you super active here, so I was wondering if your switch is complete and you’re happy with the change or Huel also has their problems, apart from the astronomical price?

Thanks for helping! :smile:

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I have tried Huel. The main difference is that you can prepare a Plenny shake in 30 seconds and it has an uniform texture and consistency, it is good to drink right away. Putting in the fridge will just kind of ruin it.

Huel has bits in it and doesn’t have an uniform texture, it is not drinkable for me right after I have prepared it. I have to keep it in a fridge for a night after which is texture is quite nice and uniform. Many people also use blenders for Huel which isn’t necessary for JJ.

If I’d go camping, I would take a bag of JJ with me but definitely not Huel as it needs a night in a fridge to be nice but it feels more like a meal compared to JJ’s water-like texture. I mainly prefer Jimmy Joy’s Active which is a bit thicker.

I have tried many different products and I have to say that Jimmy Joy in the old (taller) bags which also used whey, it was the most perfect powdered food product that I have ever tried during my entire life. The texture was perfect, 10/10, the taste was perfect 10/10, not too sweet, not too strong, not too weak (like now). Nothing that I have tried after that is comparable.

I’m not gay but I would blow someone if I could keep ordering the old Jimmy Joy from 2018. I got inspired by this guy here, haha: https://www.queerty.com/fyre-fest-organizer-almost-blew-guy-case-evian-water-new-face-evian-water-20200117?fbclid=IwAR0TgozIvahss_cfVC9HoCmC3PTR_BW6UEQpph_ndsdgHOep1CiRpw3-ivM

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Great question haha. I use Huel for 100% of my food now, I’ve done that for the past 3 months. However, when I need a really quick meal I still went for JJ, since it’s quicker to prepare and also easier to clean the shaker. For on the way I still use the Plenny Bars. Also I recently ordered another batch of JJ, since I will be traveling and the smaller packaging+quicker preparing is a big advantage then.

Overal I’m more content with Huel though, mostly for health reasons. I feel like Jimmy Joy has a great potential, but the customer service and response on the blog is not the best. I feel like they should prioritize investing in more nutrition staff, since they are heavily under represented (afaik only 1) and this is only kind of important for a company like this. Also I’m not too satisfied with the way of answering here on the blog.

So all in all, I mostly switched to Huel, but still see potential in JJ and they definitively have a step before in e.g. sustainability, the price, and the bars.

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Also, I have been kindof critical recently, but I hope this way I can help them in improving their product :slight_smile:

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I see, thanks a lot for the input and feedback regarding this :slight_smile:

Yes, I do believe that putting a bit more emphasis on the customer base can never be a bad move and showing that you truly care by being more active would make things even more transparent, but then again I don’t want to judge, because I’m sure they also have important things to do other than constantly checking the forum.

On that note, I think actually hiring a Community Manager (even if part-time), could be a big bonus to JJ as a whole.

Hi all, thanks for the feedback. Please know we love talking to our customers (even if they are critical), it helps us improve both our products and services!