Hello from Svoaree


I’m Svoaree, I’m 25 and live in Germany.

I’ve been using Plennyshake and the bars to make sure to have a reasonably nutritious emergency food available for some time, and have now reached the point where it’s my standard breakfast pretty much every weekday, so I thought it was about time I popped in and said hello!

I mostly get the neutral unsweetened Shake and then combine it with homemade syrups for flavor - matcha, caffeinated chocolate, and chai being my go-to choices.

Happy Shaking!

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hi Svoaree, thank so much for your introduction and welcome to the Jimmy Joy community! Glad to be of service :smiley: Home made syrups? That sounds pretty amazing, especially the caffeinated chocolate! Any tips on how one might do something like that? I’m sure some people here would love to try something similar too!

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