Hi, geek bear talking

Hey there community,

I’m Baptiste aka Shepah, a 23 yo French geek working as an Head of IT security in a start up in Nantes.

I’m fond with all kind of news (techs, medical and health) and i’ve followed jimmyjoy-plennyshake-likeproduct for a while and i decided today to give it a try.
I’m not a “good” eater, i try to eat healthy but with a job and a “young” life, i rather stick with a pizza than fish and vegetable.
I’m not a daily meat eater, i prefer to enjoy a very good bio rumsteak a month instead of crappy mall meatlike crap.

I also like fruits smoothies A LOT !

I’ve gained lot of weight since 3 past years (engineering school, thesis etc) because of stress and mainly because i’m too lazy to make healthy meals everyday.

So i’m proud to join this community to give a try to this new thing before it becomes a ephemeral trend.

See ya around :wink:


It’s easy to eat, fast and healthy. It truly frees up a lot of time. =)