How long do you let your Plennyshake set?

Posting this in random since it’s a personal taste thing.

So personally I like it fresh, I prepare it and drink it in one go, a few minutes after the other. Do others let it set for taste or convenience ?

I like to let it set at least an hour.
Though my breakfast I let set overnight, because…well, sleep.
I take care to drink the mango within a few hours because apparently the taste deteriorates quite quickly.

I’m not really fond of settled Plennyshake myself, although it normally does end up being a couple of hours old… (I’m a slow drinker ^_^)

Anyway, @mirabrands, I’ve noticed the same thing with mango as well! Even when the bottle is just standing there, right on my desk next to me, it manages to change taste as I’m looking at it! I’ve tried talking to it about that, but it still didn’t work out, so I broke the mango-Ice relationship for a bit.

All jokes aside, I do wonder why that happens with that flavor. As far as I’m concerned, the flavoring in the Plennyshakes are basically just fruit powder (I think there were some additives to a few, but mango is just plain ol’ mango). Does anybody else notice this with mango?

This reminds me of a mead brand, that I shall not name, that also claims to use natural flavors. Yet, their meads only taste fruity if you drink the bottle in a very short time. In just an hour or so the flavour has gone and do not even think of keeping some for the other day or you will taste the foulest taste ever.

Similarly, I got into making cosmetics and house perfumes and stuff and thought it would be awesome to use natural oils. So I ordered some food grade oils of peppermint, cinnamon, orange and strawberry. They smelled wonderful!
But…about a week or so later I noticed something smelling like … what shall I call it … like a wet sponge forgotten behind a counter. No, make it a pile of rotten wet sponges.
Everything that I used the strawberry oil in had gone bad.
I smelled the other oils. They were fine.
Some weeks later the orange went bad too.
Only the peppermint oil and cinnamon oil lasted for months.

(Note, I do NOT use the cinnamon oil in cosmetics. Cinnamon oil on skin will cause epic rashes and sometimes even nausea. It is however awesome in cocktails and foodshakes.)

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