How much extra water intake per day?

If I would consume 1 full bag per day, with 1,5 liters of water mixed with it, how much more water would I generally need to drink?

Assuming that it is just another typical office day: normal (20 degrees celcius) room temperature and not much physical excersize.

Could anybody help me out?

I don’t think this a matter of an exact volume of water.

To determine for yourself how much water you need, I think you should just ensure to have something to drink when you are thirsty, there’s no arguing about that. Beside this, you can just keep an eye on how your pee is looking; if it’s starting to look rather dark or very rich in colour, you’d do yourself no harm at all drinking more.

Every individual has their own fluid needs, some people sweat more, some people pee more, some people drink a lot of caffeine and others might consume a lot of excess salt that needs to be gotten rid of. Just keep an eye on your own body’s signals and use those to determine if you might need to drink more.

I also notice that not drinking enough can result in headaches or heartburn, if you find yourself feeling crappy like that despite not being sick, try hydrating yourself more. If you feel fine there’s usually not really a reason to worry too much.