How much to eat for lunch?

Hi, I’m new to Jimmy Joy and I was planning to use bars and/or shakes as a substitute for lunch when I don’t have much time (where I work fast food is not healthy).

The question is, how much should I eat? I have taken 1 bar and I felt more or less full, but I wonder if it’s enough?

I’m a male and 70 kgs, so I should eat 2200 kcal daily. Shouldn’t I be taking more for lunch? Say 600 kcal? Then it’s bar and a half.

I’ve thought about taking 2 bars but 800 kcal seems too much.

Very confused about that! How can I dose my lunch??

I’d recommend eating enough to be satisfied until you get your next opportunity to eat, that’s what I do.

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They are great for lunch.

I am also a male around 65KG. I also tend to eat 1.5-2 bars for lunch.

If you end up eating half a bar, you can wrap it in the wrapper. In my experience they are still good the next day. :slight_smile:

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Super sorry for the late reply here from our end, luckily we have some active member here which have responded in a great way. The best advice we can give is to either eat the goal in calories if you have that, otherwise we would indeed agree with the other comment to eat until you are full. In your case, with a specific goal, you can do it as you noted, 1.5 bar for example instead of 1. Just see how it works for you and adjust accordingly where needed.


It totally depends on what other things you have during the day, and at what time intervals you have these. How often do you eat or drink non-zero liquids? How many, and which meals do you have on a typical day?