How much to eat for lunch?

Hi, I’m new to Jimmy Joy and I was planning to use bars and/or shakes as a substitute for lunch when I don’t have much time (where I work fast food is not healthy).

The question is, how much should I eat? I have taken 1 bar and I felt more or less full, but I wonder if it’s enough?

I’m a male and 70 kgs, so I should eat 2200 kcal daily. Shouldn’t I be taking more for lunch? Say 600 kcal? Then it’s bar and a half.

I’ve thought about taking 2 bars but 800 kcal seems too much.

Very confused about that! How can I dose my lunch??

I’d recommend eating enough to be satisfied until you get your next opportunity to eat, that’s what I do.

They are great for lunch.

I am also a male around 65KG. I also tend to eat 1.5-2 bars for lunch.

If you end up eating half a bar, you can wrap it in the wrapper. In my experience they are still good the next day. :slight_smile: