Plans on making bigger (500-600kcal) Twennybars?

Hey there,

I like the taste and convenience of the Twennybar. But sadly, the serving size of 384kcal is a bit odd for me. I usually eat 3 meals a day, and grab a meal replacement if I can’t take a proper meal.

This means one bar is not enough for me to replace a proper meal, but two of them are too much. So I end up with a half eaten bar which I have to rewrap and use up quickly to not letting it spoil.

Long story short, I would highly support a Twennybar with more calories that can replace a proper meal.


Thanks for your feedback! This is funny to hear, as most people think the bar is rather too big than too small :wink: I’ll note your feedback down though!

I can see why people would say that, since smaller bars are what they’re used to seeing, and they’re used to thinking of nutrition bars in those terms. And I can see why you might start making them, since they must be in demand, or there wouldn’t be so many companies making them. But smaller nutrition bars are available everywhere. There’s a whole array of 100-300 calorie bars of various different types and macronutrient profiles at any grocery store, drug store, or convenience store. The whole point of Twennybars for me is that they are a meal rather than a supplement or snack; if they were smaller they’d be lost in the crowd. I find the ~400-calorie bars about right most of the time, though. They’re distinctly a meal, they’re just not a big meal.

Yeah, I totally agree. And so do most of my coworkers (if not all). The hard thing about meal replacement products is that people indeed see bars as just snack. And a snack of 400 calories which is priced higher than most bars (as it seems at first, not per calorie) isn’t something people will soon go for. Also, some people do find it quite a heavy thing to finish at once, even when they’re having it for breakfast or so. I myself could probably eat two in one go, but I guess I’m just forever hungry, hah.

My meals are usually about 500-600kcal for breakfast and diner, and aprox. 600-800 for lunch. So for breakfast, one bar plus a banana could do. Or two bars for lunch if I am doing my running workout that day.

Sounds like I got some experiments to do as soon as my order arrives…

Hah! Let us know how that works out :slight_smile:

The people who feel like it’s too big for breakfast are probably largely people who don’t otherwise eat breakfast, or eat junk food for breakfast. People who skip meals or grab junk for meals are a big target demographic for complete foods, even more so when it’s a bar form since it’s portable and doesn’t require planning. A twenny bar is similar in calories to a packet of poptarts, but sugar and white flour aren’t exactly filling. Food with protein, fiber, and micronutrients is by nature more filling and satiating than junk food containing the same amount of energy.