Jimmy Joy and some Monin syrups

A while ago I bought some syrups from Monin, which can be used for things like cocktails and coffee. I bought these flavors:

  • chocolate
  • coconut
  • chai
  • speculoos
  • macaron

Overall, my favorite is the chai syrup. I combined it with vanilla and it tastes really great. It isn’t very sweet, but it is a bit spicy.

Speculoos is another one I tried out with vanilla. It was okay, sweeter than chai, but not quite as spicy. Macaron syrup didn’t really change much when added to vanilla.

Coconut syrup and banana was a decent combination. Not a huge change in flavor, but the coconut was a nice touch. Chocolate syrup and banana wasn’t much of a success; I had to add almost a third of a bottle to really taste the chocolate.

There are more flavours of Monin syrup out there, so different combinations (like mango with pina colada syrup) are possible. One that I’d love to try is the Black Forest Syrup, which could taste pretty good with the chocolate. And they also have a spicy syrup, with red peppers, that could be interesting with either mango or chocolate.

And they also have pumpkin spice syrup…


@marjoleinvandiejen This is such a great idea. I’m gonna try this out at the office!