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Jimmy joy == hours


I just calculated that my first delivery of Jimmy Joy was made on the 5th of November, I have spent 40 hours less time at work already. i.e. 1 lunch hour less per day. I have been diligently claiming my saved hours.

That’s like a weeks holiday time for 105€ invested.

And ~300€ saved compared to my previous lunch costs.


I am loving these calculations, @teknopaul! Hello more time and money! :slight_smile:


I, as a developer (’==’ :angel:) and mathematics guy, very much approve of this message. If you save up that money in a jar (or two) for two years, you could go see the aurora borealis! :smiley:


I similarly have figured out that, in my 23 days with Jimmy Joy, I’ve saved about 28 hours in food shopping and preparation. My calculations:

(Per week)
Shopping: 90 minutes (now zero, saving 90 minutes)
Breakfast preparation: 105 minutes (now 35 minutes, saving 70 minutes)
Lunch preparation/obtaining: 140 minutes (now 35 minutes, saving 105 minutes)
Dinner preparation: 140 minutes (now 35 minutes, saving 105 minutes)
Snacking (obtaining): 140 minutes (now zero, saving 140 minutes)
Weekly time savings: 510 minutes/week = 73 minutes/day.

In just over three weeks consuming Jimmy Joy as my principal (and almost only) food source, I’ve saved about 1,679 minutes, or 28 hours!