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Other great time saving ideas?



I’ve just ordered my first jimmyjoy-plennyshake order mainly for time saving purposes.
Does anyone, who’s using jimmyjoy-plennyshake as a time-saver, has another great time-saving idea?




Order the Twrnny-Bars, you are even faster with them ^^
Do you mean timesaving in Food or in life generaly?


Thanks, I’ve also ordered them. But, I meant life in general :grinning:.


LEAN manufacturing. I love it, and it helps getting stuff organized. I really really want to do it when I have a new house. Give everything a place, have a system that works and know how much you need… Its wonderful and works beautifully.


Thanks, I ll look into that. I actually thought about it, but didn’t executed it.


Never tie your laces. Run with the risks.


Skip sleeping. :sleepy:


Or sleep faster.



My main reason is to avoid fast food, which is essentially a problem because of time, so yeah. If I have to work into what I consider dinner time (which is often), I end up grabbing something at a fast food restaurant on the way home. A jimmyjoy-plennyshake meal is cheaper, and far better for me. When classes start up, I’ll be able to start nipping at the jimmyjoy-plennyshake shaker (that I’ve prepared before class) as soon as I start getting hungry instead of pushing through the last 30 minutes of the class before lunch break being super hungry. When I don’t have class and am working at my own pace, taking the meal slowly from about 11 to 2 while I focus on my work is nice.


At one point I stopped wearing clothes that need to be ironed, and also stopped ironing clothes that don’t need ironing (I found out most clothing looks fine without ironing once you wear them). Big time saver!


Tidy up your living and working space!!

I would never do this because it would take “too much” time, but since I tidy up my bedroom before I start working every morning and tidy up my working space before I stop working, I only spend about 15-20 minutes a day on this.

My weekly cleaning became a lot more effective as well (30 minutes work per week), I just vaccuum my bedroom and clean the bathroom. Once a month I clean the rest of the house (I have a cleaning schedule with my roommates), this monthly cleaning takes about 2 hours.

So keeping my place neat is: 15-20 minutes daily chores, 30 minutes weekly chores, 2 hours monthly chores.

I also combine doing laundry with studying. I personally have to get up and do something different every 45 minutes or I lose my focus, so this can easily be combined with hanging and folding laundry.

  • .::!! Become the master of non-violent communication !!::. (Rosenberg)
    saves you lots of trouble, time, nerves …
  • learn to dissociate yourself from stupid people
  • Watch movies at 1,25x speed. (joking ;))
  • Listen to audiobooks at 2x speed. (serious!)
  • Learn speedreading.
  • Do not watch scientific documentaries The are slow as fuck. Only pictures of interviewed pseudo-experts. lots of repetitions and fillers. Read (good) books intead :smiley: But I like astromy docs or nature docs. I like slow music and movies … since I eat jimmyjoy-plennyshake I can waste my time more efficient - doing nothing instead of eating or watch more scientific documentaries.
  • Use home automation, remote controls.
  • Use lots of shortcuts and create templates.
  • No need to shower every day (it’s bad for you skin and hair.)
  • Do not shower too long.
  • Buy a ssd for your computer.
  • Use the right means of traffic. If there is lot of traffic a bicycle can be faster tan (*) car.
  • Call people instead of writing messages.
  • Have fixed times to check facebook, sms, emails etc.
  • Or delete your facebook account
  • If it’s hard for you to make decisions. Only eat jimmyjoy-plennyshake or wear one color of clothes (I only wear black) etc.
  • Order everything online. (except you like shopping. But is that cool?)
  • Invite friends to your place instead of visiting them.
  • weekly cleaning (agree with Mama_Lou)
  • don’t get stuck on intenet forums :smiley:, silly mobile games, bad movies/books
  • (*) except little mistakes!!!, stop to be perfectionist (linguists are the sloppiest writers btw. because communication should be functional not consuming EDIT: use the edit button max 1 time)