JimmyJoy stock looking good!

So I think I’m ok for supplies for the time being.

I’ve got all the flavours (I think) and more or less decided on my favourites. Enjoying the meals and the overall experience with ordering and support has been top drawer.



Nice collection you got going there :eyes:

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I have tried many different brands but plenny shakes are the best. The powder is very finely ground and the taste is not overly strong, so you won’t get tired of the flavours. In the summer I make the shake as thin as water, then it is also a very good thirst quencher, with other brands it was not nice taste if it was as thin as water. I also have a nice supply of plenny shakes, about 100,000 calories in total. Always handy to have a supply of plenny shakes. It is hard to believe that making good and healthy food is so easy these days, a little water, some plenny powder in it, a little water again, shake, and you can drink the healthy food.

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