Limits on flavoring?

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I’ve been scanning through this forum for a day now, and I’ve read many good suggestions for new flavors! This made me wonder, though: are there any limitations as to what flavors can be produced and what not? As in, up until now, flavors are mainly just one thing: mango, chocolate (cocoa) and the like. However, lasagne, gazpacho or things the like (combined tastes) sound way more difficult. Are they? (\

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I think there might be some limitations because you will always have the background flavors of oats/any other grain they may choose in the future.

I think any flavours that we like to taste " clean" and fresh such as for example green apple might be hard to reproduce because of that.

Another limitation might be texture. Any flavours we associate with certain textures such as pizza would simply taste weird as a shake…

Just my 2p :wink:

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They should work with the oats, not against them, and make delicious flavours like cheesecake :yum:

Oats aren’t ver different from whole grain pasta. So a liquid spaghetti dish might work. :smile:

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