Mood improvement?

Hi everyone. I love jimmy joy shakes, I drink them quite often and I realised something. When I’m stressed I eat junk food like fried chicken, pizza, burgers and candies. I often feel sad and depressed but after I drinked plenny shakes for some days and I sudenly started feeling better emotionally. I don’t know if it is a placebo effect or not that’s why I’m asking you guys if you had a similar experience or not?

Thank you for your comments in advance ^^


I absolutely did start feeling better after having replaced the majority of unhealthy foods with plenny shake. I think that it has both mental and physiological causes.

Mental ones for me were:

  1. Worrying about my weight less;
  2. Not wasting as much money on junk food deliveries;
  3. Less overthinking about how im not getting proper nutrition;
  4. No worries about me not having enough power to cook something to eat.

Physiological (not a doctor so just assuming):

  1. Less sugars - more stable mood throughout the day, no sugar crashes (which can influence your mental state);
  2. After the initial adapting phase - more regular bowel movements, no hunger - i know what to expect from my body and when. This gives me a sense of reliability in this world of chaos.

I would like to go deeper but my mind is going to bed already so im sorry if some of these don’t make much sense, there are literally two braincells left operating at this point ahah


It’s not just you :slight_smile:

The link between dietary habits and mental health makes sense if you think about how much the brain has to do with our mood. The brain is always “on.” It works 24/7, even while we’re asleep. This means our brain requires a constant supply of fuel. That “fuel” comes from the foods we eat.

We actually wrote an article on the effect of food on our mood: