Much longer packing time than it said on webpage

Then why haven’t they been responding? Where has my response been the last days? Exams are fine and all, but when I did support and someone was away, another person was always assigned those tickets because we had what were called Service Level Expectations. Every ticket had to be ‘touched’ every 24 hours it was active until closed and marked RESOLVED. Most of the issues you see around the forum here were unresolved for some weeks with no official response from jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

No official response from jimmyjoy-plennyshake. That is what I am talking about when I say unprofessional and apathetic. People rely on you and that isn’t cool. I won’t name anyone outright, but some people were waiting for a few weeks.

@shawn, like said, the forum is not the right place for support like this. If you want an answer quickly please email us at That’s our customer care, the forum is not. We might have not answered everything within 24 hours because we’ve had some major delays lately, but we do always answer everyone there quickly and never wait for “weeks” like you mentioned. If we have not replied to you, then something must’ve gone wrong with your email and I’d like to ask you to email us again. Also, I must say I don’t understand why you keep on posting negative things like this about us in every thread on the forum. I can tell you we’re working days and nights to help our customers ASAP, because we freakin’ love you all, and it would be great if you could trust us in that :slight_smile:

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Could you send me whatever you got right now? Send the vegan products later? Because I’m out of stock.

This is my first time ordering and I noticed when reading the reviews that most of them said their packages took ages to arrive. I expect it to take a day or two longer as I’m in the UK but some folks waited weeks. I guess I’ll have to be patient and hope the taste is worth it. I’ll make sure to reorder a couple of weeks in advance when the time comes, or I’ll have to go back to junk food.

@meritaking Don’t worry, the ETA currently on the website should be accurate. As I understand it, the longer packing time was a temporary problem some time ago. You should be fine, and if it is taking much longer than the ETA says, you can always send an email to, and you’ll get a response faster than when you’re posting on the forum :slight_smile:

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Awesome. Thank you :grinning:

My box arrived today, thank you. Just a couple of points though.
I thought I ordered the vegan option but recieved the non vegan. I’m willing to believe it could’ve been an ordering mistake on my part though so not complaining.
There was no scoop in the box. This isn’t a huge problem as I can use a spoon.
There was a weird metal spiral ball thing in a plastic bag. Try as I might I cannot fathom what it could possibly be for.

Okay. Just tried my first drink of vanilla. Oh god that was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Not because of the taste, which is fairly benign. It’s the texture that’s so dreadful. It’s like the powder didn’t disolve and the whole thing was horribly gritty. I can’t see me lasting long with this if my experience is normal.

Please tell me I did something wrong. I paid a fortune and now have no money for food for a month. I guess I’m now on a thirty day water fast. Hey ho.

The metal spiral ball thing is for putting in the shaker. It’ll destroy those pesky clumps of jimmyjoy-plennyshake faster when you shake it :slight_smile:

Maybe that’s why your jimmyjoy-plennyshake shake was very gritty if you left it out. You could also try adding less jimmyjoy-plennyshake? Maybe you did get vegan after all, I found that one to be a bit more gritty and thicker than regular jimmyjoy-plennyshake.

Otherwise I don’t know, I’m sorry to hear that. I found jimmyjoy-plennyshake to be the smoothest of all soylent products I’ve tried (I tried one that seemed like it had pulp in it :confounded:), so this doesn’t seem quite right to me.

Ahh so that’s what it’s for LOL.

I know I didn’t get the vegan as the ingredient list says whey protein.

I’ve pre made tonight’s shake using warm water. Hopefully that will dissolve better. I’ll fridge it once it’s cool.

Sure, no problem! Please contact and we’ll make sure the first part of the order ships out already :slight_smile:

How silly of us to send you an incorrect order :pensive: if you pass us your order number through, we can make this up to you.

I’ve emailed my ref number to you. Thank you.

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