My experience with Plennyshake Vegan

Hello everyone,

I have been eating Plennyshake for 3 days twice a day.
So far thiese are the main highlights from my experience.


  • The taste and texture is surprisingly good.
  • It seems that i have more energy during the day.
  • No cravings for food and i feel full all the time, and am more likely to unde reat than overeat from having the munchies.
  • I sleep an extra 30 minutes a nigh,t because i now get up later and just drink my breakfast while i drive to work.


  • Alot of gas,.
  • Urgent toilet visits after eating plennyshake.

All in all it seems very promising if the side effects get a little less intense overtime.


The two downsides you wrote will disappear after some weeks. Pratically your body has to adapt to the new fiber-rich diet. You may want to initially reduce your portions. In my experience, I only had initially a bit of the first downside, but I started slowly with half a meal per day :slight_smile: