Need ingredient comparison with previous versions of Active/Sport

Hello Support,

I’m not the only one to experience gas with the new Active formula, but I’m trying to figure out what exactly it is that I’m not able to digest well. The belly-ache was so bad that I decided to switch to a different supplier of powdered food, but I’m having the same problems with their shake. I know that I started having problems after you added those probiotic bacteria, so I thought it was them, but the other company doesn’t put any in their shake. Could you please tell me all the differences between before and after that recipe change? Maybe I can pinpoint a cause so I’ll know what ingredient to avoid in the future.

Thanks a lot!

I am sad. I did not receive a reply to this post, nor did I get one when I sent the same question to your customer service address. I guess I’m not worth your time as a former customer anymore?

Hey @chaoscommander, We sincerely apologize for not responding to you here or via email :cry:
I hope that our response is still helpful.
We increased the omega-profile, added ahiflower, choline, and probiotics, and improved the micronutrient profile in general. Here you’ll find the differences between our new and previous versions, as well as detailed information about each newly added ingredient.

There could be a sensitivity to any of these ingredients. Have you tried the regular Plenny Shake? Then you could see if maybe the ahiflower is giving you the discomfort. However, if the pain was so strong maybe you are presenting a strong intolerance to any of the ingredients. Are the alternative shakes soy-based as well?

The adaptation to the probiotics can take some days. Remember that the bacteria will arrive in the intestine to modify the microbiota dynamics and that can bring discomfort at the beginning.