New formula Kcal per bag

I checked the new labels but it seems there is on average 50 grams less powder per bag. Even though the powder seems denser in terms of Kcal/gram it’s still 100 calories per bag less then before. Was this a deliberate change? So each bag holds the exact RDA of 2000Kcal or was it more from a cost standpoint now that the composition has changed. While keeping the price per bag the same. I kinda liked the 5 meals per bag 26 meals per 5 quirk.

Hi There!

The change to 2000kcal per bag was more of a practical choice really. With the new formula and bags, we now can offer 5 meals (one day worth of food) per bag. This is easier to measure and it made us able to get rid of the quirk you so much like!


I don’t see this as true for everybody.

Most of us don’t even use measuring spoons because we either use more than 2000kcal or less. People who use meal replacement should calculate their needs and weight the powder / meals accordingly.

Less 100 kcal per bag means less 3000 kcal per month which represents more than a day of food for most. Add to this you lowered the protein content to 15%…

I do not agree with the arguments that Jimmy Joy exposes. I understand that the reduction of grams per bag is a way to increase the price again, which leads me to look for alternatives to Jimmy Joy. For your information