New Website / ordering process

First of I want to say that I love ■■■■■■■ and that it has been my main source of food for about two years and I am extremely happy with the product itself. But I have to say that I find the ordering process to be a bit cumbersome since the new website has been introduced.

Some of the following things might seem a bit nit picky and they are, but the sum of these inconveniences make the ordering process a bit annoying:

  1. The website never offers me my saved addresses during checkout, which causes me to have to type in my address every time and now I have 5 more or less identical addresses saved.
  2. Same thing with the payment method: It does not seem to be saved so I have to either type in my credit card info every time or use paypal, wich I end up doing costing you more fees which I would gladly have avoided.
  3. Having to use subscriptions or pay 15% more: I get that it is better for you when customers subscribe, but from a customers position it might be annoying. For example I order ■■■■■■■ every month so a subscription would seem perfect for me, but it isn’t because I want to control when the package arrives to make sure that I am home and don’t have to pick op a quite large and heavy box from the post office. So every time I order I have to cancel the subscription to every single item in said order, give a reason for cancelling etc. (And of course every cancelled subscription is listed under a “different” address see 1)
  4. The final thing is the amount of emails I get immediately after each order:
    1 Confirming your order
    2 Subscription confirmation
    3 Just Earned … Time Tokens
    4 Your order is on its way
    Surely the amount of emails could be reduced.

I want to make clear that I really like ■■■■■■■ it is just that the ordering process could be smoother.
And please let me know if I am making any mistakes or if (some) of these annoyances could be avoided.