Open bags on delivery

First of, I love your product. But I’m afraid something went wrong with sealing the bags.
When I recieved my box I took the bags out. I noticed a sand like texture on the bags. I always count the bags and put them on my couch. With a couple of bags I noticed that there was some powder on my sofa. I took a closer look at the bags and noticed they where not sealed right. Normally the zipper is closed (at least I think so) and the top is sealed with some kind of heated method. Now what I noticed was that the lids where sometimes folder a little which made the seal weaker. A lot of bags did not have the zipper closed.
Has anyone had the same problem?

The delivery went to Spain.
I’m concerned how long I can store the bags now… And if they are still safe to eat.

Many thanks,
Michiel Broekhuis

I sometimes see some powder in the shipping container, but haven’t experienced any problems. Maybe some of it gets in as part of the packing process. Either way this stuff lasts pretty long even with a broken seal. Perhaps the team can investigate stronger seals if they’re not holding up in some situations.

It happened to me as well in 2 separate orders (2 improperly sealed bags in an order I received just now and 1 in the order before that).

Hi Michiel!

So glad to hear you like our products, much love <3

As for the powder on your couch: it’s possible that this came from the box, or that it stuck to the outside of the packaging. To be honest, the bags can be a bit powdery sometimes :sweat_smile:

However if you can definitely see that the bags were not sealed properly, you can send us an email about it and we’ll send you some new ones! Please be sure to add a clear picture of the unsealed bag, so we can see what the problem is :slight_smile:
Hope this helps! :v:t3: