Plans on open sourcing

Is there any plans on open sourcing the old Plenny Shake formula (Specificly Vegan) for those of us who liked the balance of the older formula? I definitely would have liked it being more finely ground. But liked the overall base, to build upon.


Hello Zccoin,

At the moment we won’t open source our vegan formula :frowning:

with love,


A lot of us have tinkered with various formulae for creating ‘soylent’-like recipes. There is a big community on this here.

I can say more about this, but I would say that any formula that JJ uses is not going to be as useful as you think. Companies enjoy and profit from economies of scale, which means that they’re able to source certain ingredients that are more difficult for you to source (since you would have to pay for a smaller amount plus shipping). Ingredients are also very country-specific.

The DIY Soylent site I linked above is really useful because it allows you to filter recipes by country.

I don’t even understand why they completely destroy the macros and say they have a better tasting less grittier shake.

I don’t know about the rest but I would prefer to keep the grittiness and the old taste if that meant the old macros. The new formula is a deal breaker.

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