Please form plenny bars into easy-to-break sections

Hey guys, hello

I’m a big fan of yours. I usually breakfast with muesli on vanilla plenny shake with berries. And It’s delicious! I add to my subscriptions vanilla bars recently to snack on them at the office or on the go. And it happened already in the third time, I broke my retainer*. I broke it twice on the upper jaw and once on the lower jaw. Great that I didn’t break any teeth, but it’s pretty bad result don’t you think?

So my suggestion is: maybe it is possible to pre-cut the bars, or pre-form them like chocolates into easy-to-break sections? Do you do the testing about the pressure one needs to enthusiastically bite on it as in the sneakers commercial? :sweat_smile: It pretty dense in the texture and even though I appreciate the texture in small pieces (I cut it with knife), it’s definitely difficult to bite in.

  • retainer - the plastic/metal thing you got from your orthodontist after you remove the braces. placed behind the teeth to hold them in the adjusted position.

Hi Tania,

We’re a big fan of you too! That sounds like the perfect breakfast :star_struck:. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and sorry about the retainers. We currently do not have any plans to add “breaklines” to the Plenny Bars, but if things do change in the future I promise you’ll be the first to know :smiley:!

Yeah, I’m so afraid for my retainers too :sweat_smile:
I just end up cutting them with my hands in bitesized chunks first.

I would love this idea, like another brand do with their bars. It’s pretty useful, and it works to use them as snacks instead of a full meal when you need it. Two products at once! :star_struck:

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Yes, the break lines would make the difference. Pity, it’s not on the roadmap. But I hope it will be implemented or at least considered. After all, you position the bars as an alternative to preparing meals and among other reasons - > to save time. So with the breake lines, it won’t require cutting it into pieces.

Mr.Floppy thank you for your kind message. Yes, I agree that would be pretty useful.


The main problem here being the vanilla bars are way too hard I guess, it shouldn’t be a problem with the softer and crunchier texture like in the new pizza bar for example.

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I’ve bought 2 new bars: hazelnuts and figs. And in the newsletter I saw the pre-cut form of the bar. So maybe it is on the roadmap or it was already implemented in the new bars? Or its just a wishful thinking? I mean, that would definitely support the claim to be great for " those on-the-go moments."!