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Plenny Shake V3 - Probiotics

Hi there,

great to hear about Plenny Shake v3 arriving. You mention the addition of probiotics but remain completely unspecific in your post here: https://jimmyjoy.com/pages/comparison-v3

Could you complement that post (or just here) which probiotics you include and their respective doses?


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Excellent question and suggestion. I will have that information added to the article. Our nutrition team is also currently working on an article explaining the reasoning behind adding this specific probiotic.

In the meantime I quickly asked what probiotic we are adding: “There are 500 million cultures of Bacillus Coagulans UABc-20TM per recommended meal.”

Really hope there aren’t plans to add probiotics to the Active shake or plenny bars - seems like this is the trend for brands to do this now. Unfortunately those of us with gut issues might not react well to it if we are already on medically prescribed probiotics, and it’s actually the reason why I stopped using Huel to switch to JimmyJoy!

Very understandable, and a very good point! Fortunately, then, we’re currently not planning on adding the probiotics to the other products :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification nino.