Plennyshake Sport: Foaminess / air in stomach

I’m just having my second serving of Plennyshake Sport and I find it hard to stomach. From shaking, the mixture contains a lot of tiny air bubbles. They don’t really bubble out even after a long settling time, and due to the stuff’s viscosity (or something), I also can’t burp the air out without liquid coming back up with it. This makes me feel bloated and a little sick, killing my appetite and making me not want any more Plennyshake. Also, it kind of ruins the next few hours… Does anyone have a good tip how to avoid this?

This problem might not occur with regular Plennyshake (or does it? Tell me, please, I haven’t tried it yet) because of less protein content, I can imagine.

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I personally never have been bothered by the air bubbles. Have you tried preparing your shake the evening before to let it de-foam? Or maybe try to tweak the viscosity of the shake by adding more water?

Okay, I found my mistake. After letting it rest for a longer period of time, I used to shake the drink again because it always separates into liquid and solid after some hours, thereby adding the air back in. Now I take care to only overturn it slowly several times after taking it out of the fridge, so it doesn’t get all foamy again. That helps a lot. Now all that remains is some mild heartburn, but that might be to blame on my body being weird (I get that from several different foods, usually processed food).

Should you take Plennyshake every now and then, your body should adapt to the shakes. Some people have trouble adapting to the high amount of fibers. I hope it’ll get better for you. :slight_smile:

It did get better. Acid reflux stopped and with the above tweaks (longer resting time, no hard shaking afterwards) I’m not having any air problems either.