Problem with my stool: it is yellow for a week

I’m taking Jimmy Joy for two weeks and one week until today I began to see that my stools are completely yellow and wanted to ask if it is normal. I do a normal meal a day and Jimmy Joy for breakfast and dinner. Thank you

A beatiful yellow stool :smiley:

Joking apart, I do drink Jimmy Joy for breakfast, lunch and dinner for almost 3 weeks now and my stool is normal XD


@xeryan this image made me lol :innocent:

@wolfisimo as Jimmy Joy is - aside from the fact that it’s liquid - just like normal food, your stool should be normal as well. You may feel a little gassy at first which probably has to do with the whey or fibers in our product, but after that it should all work just fine down there. I would advice you to visit your doctor with this problem, as we unfortunately don’t know what it might be! Perhaps you’re allergic to one of the ingredients we use?

I’m not a doctor, but i would say perfectly normal. My stool is slightly softer on powdered meals (type 4).
For reference:


This is the best post ever. :joy:

Sometimes I have yellow #4s if I drink a lot of vanilla Plennyshake. I had my gallbladder removed which might have something to do with it. I am generally very healthy.