Sachets instead of pouches?

Hey all,

I just wanted to gauge feedback whether people would rather individual serving sachets instead of the current bulk pouches?

I understand sachets can be more expensive and use larger quantities of material, however it would be interesting to hear everyones thoughts if this were an option?

Maybe the Jimmy Joy team have something to say too?


I don’t think that they should replace the current option of big bags, but it would be cool to add sample packs to the offer so that people could taste every flavour without having to blindly buy the whole bag


For the Pots i would like Sachets or big bags and a reusable Pot.
Regarding everything else full ack @pogloschenie


Indeed, for the pots i would love sachets like packaging. Think “cup a soup”… im even a bit amazed they dont use sachets for it.
The bags shoud stay. Sachets would be to much packaging.

Just my 2 cents ofc :slightly_smiling_face:


Bad idea. Too much single use plastic. In stead you could just aquire something like this (Avent, made for baby formula). Fits two scoops perfectly :smiley:

@EdG Of course we have something to say, we always do :stuck_out_tongue:

The initiative is great, it is always helpful to hear from our customers and any changes done would for sure also be based on demand.

The R&D superstars at JJ are always busy with things just like this, always trying to improve where we can. This suggestion will be forwarded as well and this forum post will be closely watched I am sure.

There’s pro’s and con’s to this, so it’s good to see the general opinion in here.


I suggested this about 5 - 6 years ago and got a similar reply so I would not hold your breath.

That’s cause its a shitty idea tbh. The environment isnt exactly rooting for more single-serving packaging…

I don’t think that’s the issue for individual servings there would probably be less packaging overall and no reason it can’t be recycled. Think of 1/5th size crisp/potato chip packets made from the same material as the current bags but without the need for the plastic zip lock.

I don’t know, not an expert, probably they would face production costs to change and that’s the real reason so for now we will just have to enjoy washing the powder off our Knuckles and wrists :slight_smile:

Hey @Backtogeek
We discussed this concept with the team, and for now, the cons prevail. We would consume more plastic per meal than we do now, which would also increase the price per meal. We strive to serve meals that are both affordable and environmentally friendly. We are continually seeking new and more environmentally responsible ways to create our meals. We might think about establishing a new type of packaging if the right opportunity arises :leaves: