Scribbs says "/)"

Please note: the “/)” is a waving hoof/ hand thingy. Not a very happy human male genital, thank you very much. -.-’ (Apparently, some thought it was…)

Anyway, I’m extremely tempted to just copy and paste my profile text here (I love copy-paste-development), but that feels a bit like cheating for some reason…

My name is Ysbrand, I live in the eastern part of The Netherlands (near Arnhem), and always wear matching socks. Most of my hobbies tend to change about quite often (for example, a month ago, one of them was learning Japanese, which has been replaced by trying to draw), but some are more long-lasting (for example: My Little Pony, Blizzard games (I’ve been a closed beta tester for most of their games), and software development). Recently (read: yesterday), I got my Pathé Unlimited Gold card, which is a card with which you get unlimited access to the cinema (Pathé, in The Netherlands). So… that card combined with the new Jungle Book coming out soon (I’m a big fan of Disney), will probably result in not getting enough sleep during my exams, which, in turn, will result in me failing them. (Totally worth it! (<- not totally worth it))

I’m probably one of those over-planners (“Let’s make a list of things to do. Item one: make a list of items needed for making a list of things to do. Item one on my list list of items needed for making a list of things to do: …”), and I’m still not sure if this is saving me more stress than it causes me… On another topic: let me know if you know of a good spa/ resort somewhere near The Netherlands. (I’m already (partially) on jimmyjoy-plennyshake, obviously.)

Double time!
My favourite food is probably lasagne, I have been on holidays in the south-west of North America, I do not like rap music, I don’t really like gaming, but I do love figuring out how things work to be able to make them myself. “Heebadeep”, “Hoobedoop” and “Heebeedeep” are three completely different words (with different meanings!), I’ve read through a story which has way more than 1.5 million words(!), I’ve walked a pilgrimage, the cat of my neighbours owns me (I do not approve of this.), I’m always looking for artists (you know, the drawery ones) with too much spare time, and -lastly, for now- I always sing when I’m taking a shower (and when I’m home).

All right, now on to a meeting (*blegh*); cya! (\

Oh; and… I have been absent on these forums for a couple of days. This stuff happens, but I always bookmark the topics I still should reply on (there’s five of ‘em right now). I’ll try to post a reply or somethin’ today. :slightly_smiling:


Hi Scribbs ! Love your introduction !

I’m thinking a lasagna-flavoured jimmyjoy-plennyshake … Could be something horrible though.

Also, how can you describe yourself as “I don’t realyy like gaming”, and at the same time you’re an old Blizzard beta-tester ?

Heya :slightly_smiling: thank you!

On the gaming thingy: I (apparantly) got into their beta testers pool (I filed a bug once, and since then I get access to all their closed betas), but I’m not a gamer. (So, when I get a beta, I might play for a day or two, before leaving it alone again).