Shake of shake active?

Im new here and i want to try some shakes.
Im very much doubting between ordering the ‘normal’ shake or the active shake .
I want to use them as breakfast. At least 3 times a week i work out in the morning and want to take them before the excercise so therefor i would say the active.
But the other days i want to use it too. Also weightloss would be nice.
So what would you advice in this case normal or active?

Thanks in advance.


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I would advice u to go with the regular shakes first, if you are new to jimmy joy. Simply because the regular bags are ×2,5 smaller and they will be easier to finish if u dislike the flavour (that’s why i would also suggest u to try a couple of different flavours). In my personal experience i disliked active flavours (tried neutral, vanilla and chai latte), but there are people out there who actually prefer them over the regular ones! I currently stick to regular vanilla, that’s my fave. Trial and error :^) good luck! :yellow_heart:

P.S. I understand that this is not an answer to your question, but i think that flavour plays a very important part in making such decisions. Especially if you are new to meal replacement shakes or to a particular brand.

P.P.S. Weightloss is all about how many calories u get vs how many u burn, and since both regular and active are identical in this aspect (as far as i remember, haven’t checked in a while), u’ll be good with both of them as long as u maintain a caloric deficit. One thing tho - protein seems to fill u up more, so i guess that active version would make u feel more full, so there’s that.

Thanks fot the reply, good advice to try some different flavours with smaller packages.
When would one choose for the active, as a recover after workout in perhaps?

Im not an active person, but when i tried to educate myself on that matter, i found it to be a pretty controversial topic. There are all kinds of advices for when to drink protein shakes as u work out :^S

Maybe someone else here knows better from their own experience!

Hi @bart3682 , apologies for the late response on this!

The main difference between Plenny shake and Plenny Shake Active is that the Active version has 25 meals per bag and contains 26g protein instead of 20g per meal. The Active v3.0 also contains Ahiflower. - A superior omega-rich, healthy oil with a higher quality and higher quantity of omegas than any other seed oil ever discovered. It is therefore the choice for the more active person in our opinion, but we’ve also learned it is not for everyone.

I would suggest giving them both a shot, see how you react to it and base your choice on that. If you happen to not like one, just get in touch with us through the Live Chat or email and we’ll no doubt find a good solution for you. It’s all about getting to what works for you and that is not a linear thing in our opinion.

When it comes to weight loss, we like to refer you to this article we have on our website on fat-loss: Complete Guide To Fat Loss [Checklist included] – Jimmy Joy, I hope it adds to what you already know and maybe even gives you some extra insights to the next steps for you.

We have some really great nutritionists walking around here, so if you have any specific questions after trying, feel free to share them here as well for their input.

( @pogloschenie Thanks for picking up my slack <3 )


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So, it would seem that the active variant is generally nutritionally superior, aside from the lower amount of fibre, or am I missing something?

No, that’s about it :wink: a little less fiber and more protein and a bigger bag.
Optimized for the more active JJ’ers among us.

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