Shakes and Running

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I am new to the forum and started with Plenny Shakes just this week.

Are there any runners in the forum who can talk about their experience with consuming shakes and running.

What is your experience with this? How long before a run do you do it? Is it a good pre race meal? Any tips? Thanks in advance.

I find it best to drink right after personally, usually while I’m doing my warm down walk, it’s a good incentive to get to the end! There’s some research to suggest that eating after is better for your metabolism too.


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You might find this interesting :sparkles:

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I consume mine about an hour after a run, (warm down and shower). I’m ready for it by then.
I would never have one before, but then I’m a morning runner, if it was an evening run then I probably would have had a Plenny at lunch time so it would have been absorbed by then anyway.
If you are doing a long run and you feel you need something pre-run I find a banana hits the spot🙏🏻

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Thanks for replies guys. Since posting I have found out the following:

Plenny shakes work well when consumed at least roughly 3 hours before a hard interval type training. Had stomach cramps all night long when the window was shorter.

For morning runs, I have it after my run and that’s a great recovery meal.


Great to hear you found a way of making it work for you! And thank you very much for sharing it with the community!


I usually run in the morning and then use protein as a post workout/breakfast. It definitely helps with recovery time after a workout (running or otherwise).
Plus more protein is always good as most people don’t meet their daily protein intake anyway
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But If you are just maintaining cardio and not running hard and tend to eat a healthy diet and are under 35, then you probably don’t need to supplement.