Speculaas flavour

Hopefully this hasn’t been answered already!

I noticed that you were giving away a free meal of speculaas cookie shake with orders a couple of weeks ago. Is this flavour going to be available in big bags soon? Holding off my next order until I know for sure as I love speculaas cookies more than anything and don’t want to miss out!!

Thanks :smiley:

Speculaas won’t be available in big bags shortly, though we’re considering making it a regular flavour if you guys really love it! It’s actually available for purchase now in one-meal-bags: https://www.jimmyjoy.com/products/jimmyjoy-plennyshake-speculaas.

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Me and the hub are testing out the speculoos flavour, and I find the aroma is really darn appetizing. The flavour itself does the trick pretty nicely but the smell is where it’s at for me, it’s a real treat :slight_smile:

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So I just got my first delivery and taste of the Speculaas flavour. Since I’m Norwegian I am not too familiar with the flavour, but boy oh boy it was so delicious that I’m going to order more right away before the limited edition ends… I really hope this sticks around as a permanent flavour, because this really did it for me!

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They do taste great!

They really should make this a permanent flavour, I don’t see any reason from a consumer perspective not to.

So please jimmyjoy-plennyshake, even if it is remotely possible, make jimmyjoy-plennyshake Speculaas something that can be purchased into infinity! :sweat_smile:.

@isabel Any idea how much stock (or days of stock) is left for Speculaas jimmyjoy-plennyshake? I want to order soon again, but I might or might not need to get pumped up and rush an order if I have an indication about stock.

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Unfortunately we can’t quite tell how long the Speculaas will be available as we truly don’t know how soon it’ll sell out- but I don’t expect it to take longer than a few weeks!

Buy now before it is too late, it’ s awesome!! :slight_smile:

Good to know, guess I’ll order a little more. It’s not at all a bad flavor but I can’t see myself not having it on my shelf lol.

I really do hope this flavour becomes a permanent one rather sooner than later. Having been a fan of Speculaas (Spéculoos there) whilst I lived in Belgium, the first bag I opened was like a throw back!

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Flavour is okay.
The smell is just weird though, it smells like a butter or something, but not like cold butter but slightly-melted butter.
Imho, doesnt do the trick for me, still prefer vanilla or mango over it.

Smeels like green apple flavour for me :stuck_out_tongue:

I love the smell as well as the Flavor! I too wish that this becomes a Full Time Flavor!!


Awesome to hear you like it! :slight_smile:

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Sadly I missed out on this flavor.
Do you guys have any plans to bring it back in the future? I can wait until Christmas, if it’s more of a seasonal thing… :stuck_out_tongue:

Too bad indeed :pensive: as we really loved it ourselves as well, we definitely think there’s a chance it may come back sometime!

With all respect but we could really use another flavor now. Since speculoos was a success why not get around a table and make it a permanent flavor? If you don’t like all the flavors there’s only a few left to choose from, all quite sweet. The spices of speculoos might balance that out nicely.

Thanks for your feedback! New flavours is definitely something we’re already working on :smiley: wether it’s another limited edition or permanent flavour, we’ve got great ideas in store for you!