Storing the big bags?

Any tips on a storage solution for the big bags? I order all four flavors of the Active formula and pick a different flavor for every shake. But four of those big bags take up a lot of space on my kitchen counter. Keeping them in de shipping box on the floor is also pretty inconvenient.

So, i’m wondering: any tips or handy solutions to keeping those big bags at hand without taking up a lot of space?

Same for me !

I did hide my stash behind pans and saucepan…but the wifey is friendly IYNWIM

What is really important, I think, is to keep it in a real dry spot…I did use small piece of duct tape to roll the top and close my bag

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I’ve seen customers use storage containers, they seem to do the trick!


Oxxo Good Grips containers, the click and seal ones are amazing for this.
I’ve got them for things like flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, bread crumbs, rice etc. I use the larger ones for storing protein powder, which makes it super easy to scoop out for shakes, smoothies and all that. They’re really solid and dishwasher safe too.

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appreciate the link, we’re looking into some options for our own webshop. So if you or anybody else has more tips, keep em coming!

So, six months later and i ordered several ‘voertonnen’ from the Welkoop. These are made by These are food safe, air tight, water tight and got a big opening which is ideal for scooping. And they cost 12 euro, much cheaper than most other solutions.

Downsides are that the 3,6 liter variant isn’t big enough for a full bag of active formula and the 6 liter one is way to big. A 4 liter variant would be ideal. And these are round, a square one would be more space efficient. The smallest square one Curtec makes is a 40 liter viarant, i don’t think i can fit those in my kitchen cabinet :wink:

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Hm, that looks like a good option Matthijs! Looks kinda cool too, like the ones we used to take with us when we me and my family went canoeing when I was young. Thanks for that, we’ll take it into consideration :smiley:

They are probably the same product. They sell the exact same containers as ‘waterkluizen’ in nautical webshops…

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ah yes, probably the same then. Brings back memories <3