Testing the Twennybars with Cycling

So i had a good test with the twennybars yesterday, on a long bike ride.

setup: i had a meeting with some of my fellow ambassadors in Nieuwegein, i live in Tilburg, so it’s about 75km per bike. (i ended up with 165km)

15:00 - liquid jimmyjoy-plennyshake (strawberry)
16:00 - departure.
19:15 - arrival. twennybar
21:00 - departure.
23:30 - twennybar
01:00 - home, liquid jimmyjoy-plennyshake

The bars really do the trick, they fit in the back of your shirt and they fill you up. the chewiness is a strange plus for me, i won’t lose any because it’s too brittle and falls off. The bars gave me enough to work with icw my sports drink (great to wash it down a little btw)

At least for me, the twennybars really do the trick for long distance cycling, Bananarunner approved :wink:

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