The Banana Runner

Hey Gang,

So i’m Camiel Hirschberg, I also go by my athletic alter-ego, the banana runner. i’m a 29 going on 30 triathlete from Tilburg, a city in the south of the netherlands. I used to be a big boy, weighing in at around 93 kg. on my absolute max. .

3 years ago some things happened close to me and i decided i should do something with my life, so i started running (this is starting to sound like Forst Gump isn’t it?), I started running and i loved it, I ran my first half marathon in 4 months, my first marathon within the year. So then i decided i wanted more and started swimming and cycling, today i’m a more normal 64kg

So about 4 months ago i wanted to change something in my nutritional intake, i was feeding on pizza etc. and even though i didn’t feel it in the weight, i felt it in the energy, so then i found jimmyjoy-plennyshake and that has been my main fuel for all this time.

Other than being an athlete (i train about 6-10 hours a week) i play at least half an hour of guitar each day (for about 12 years now) i watch about 3 movies a week, love playing videogames and think up new ways to promote jimmyjoy-plennyshake.


Heya :slight_smile: I know you’ve been around her for some time, but nonetheless: welcome!

It’s nice to be able to read a bit about my fantastically friendly fellow forum fanatics! :slightly_smiling: I like running! I lost my motivation to continue though, but nonetheless; I do very well understand why one would run.

But, wow! You’ve been busy! Good work! :slightly_smiling: Are you going to run the marathon of Amsterdam this year? (With a triathlon, do you like, ride your bike in the still wet suit from the swimming? Or do you get time to change clothes?)

Do you play acoustic guitar?

Anyways, good to still have you here. :slightly_smiling:

Let’s tackle these one at a time haha

  • I don’t really like the big marathons, it’s so crowded. i like races in the mountains, max 500 participants etc. you get more of a challenge and a better view than the average marathon.

  • i wear a wetsuit over my trisuit. the trisuit dries up really fast and the wetsuit makes swimming easy, so i’ll zip out of my wetsuit, put on a helmet and number and start moving my bike:




Great name! So, is banana your favourite flavour right? :joy:

It’s great to know that you took control of your life and become such an athlete, one day maybe I get addicted to running, the joy of sport never caught me at all altough I have fun windsurfing!

Enjoy your time here and welcome!

It’s actually chocolate hahaha, but i do love Banana a very close second, i adopted the moniker because of a 9gag post that went viral, i do love taking bananas with me on races though :slightly_smiling:

Already two of you who’d want to run (again), through one of my sponsors (vibram fivefingers) we do free clinics about how to run naturally throughout the country, something to keep in mind :wink:


Aaaah wetsuits I know (used to be a diver), trisuits sound like things made for triathlons. :slightly_smiling:
And I like your videos! :slight_smile: Sounds good! (And I like the song ‘Kiss from a rose’ ^_^)

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Hey Camiel, good to see another triathlete drinking jimmyjoy-plennyshake! You sound exactly like me, started running more seriously in 2013 when I wanted to do a half marathon. Then I bought a bike for cross training purposes and inevitably started triathlon after that and got a half ironman and a bunch of olympic races under my belt. I like that with jimmyjoy-plennyshake I can consume a very consistent number of calories/protein and always have something healthy on hand that can be prepared in seconds. Sucks to get done training later in the night and you don’t feel like cooking and the places that have healthy food are all closed.


Of course, you’ve seen it already xD But anyway, I just saw it: they made a shoutout to you (on their instagram)!