This would not have happened with Jimmy Joy

Occasionaly I have dinner with muggle food. Wednesday I had a delicious smoked salmon sandwich.
Thursday my tummy was somewhat upset.
Thursday evening I read about a batch of smoked salmon being recalled. I dug in the trash. The brand and expiring date matched…
This night I had a terrible night with my intestines rejecting everything. All that was in it, around it and mostly being angry at me.
Yay, I got listeria from a casual sandwhich.
And my thoughts now are…
This wouldn’t have happened if I just had a Plennyshake instead.
I’m so sorry that I cheated on Jimmy Joy…


N’awww. :frowning: I wanted to write something funny, but somebody getting sick is not something to make jokes about.

Now remains but one thing:
Get well :soon:!

(There’s no ‘sick’ or ‘get well soon’ emoticon?! :confused: )

Plz go ahead and say something funny. Laughter is great medicine. :slight_smile:

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So, are you sure you didn’t smell anything … fishy when eating that sandwich?



Darnit! I feel like I’m a bit late… -.-’

Anyway; all better again? :slightly_smiling:

Fishy…wow that really was an open door. And open doors are very handy for “tactical retreat” after making bad jokes. :wink:

Alas, I’m not all better. It’s way better than the first days of hardly being able to contain anything. But for the coming weeks I will have trouble digesting fatty foods, spicy foids, chocolate and alcohol. But at least the risk of mortal danger and brain damage seems to have past.

It’s doing wonders for my weight though. Now I’m eating about 75% jimmy joy and 25% very light meals. So getting a beach body seems to be inevitable. :wink:

Well, at least you still got your ‘thinking positiveness’, which is also very important! Get well soon!

Just to be safe, stay away from Jimmy Joy’s future flavor: Salmon Plennyshake.

Let’s go for the anchofish flavor before the decapodians hunt them to extinction.