Utility of the "S" at the shaker mesh?

Hi, since I received my first shaker, I’ve been wondering about two things:

1.- Should I put the S logo right under the hole of the shaker?

2.- Does the S logo at the mesh have any specific utility that made the designer put it there even if it’s not visible once mounted?

For example, the plastic tabs that are into the shaker at the top are made to keep the mesh over the vase in case it falls off the cover.

Yup, I’m pretty sure I am not the only one who has wondered about this so… I’ve decided to ask.

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Hi @Erethros !

Interesting questions! To answer your first question, there is no specific placement for the S logo on the shaker, so feel free to put it wherever you like!

As for your second question, the S logo on the mesh does not have any specific functionality. It is simply a design choice made by the manufacturer.

We appreciate your curiosity and attention to detail when it comes to our products :hugs:

It’s just curiosity, since I like to know why there are things made in a certain way.

Thank you for the answer.