Vitamin Oxidation?

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I am expecting a huge load of jimmyjoy-plennyshake this coming Tuesday and have been reading posts about how to prepare and store the prepared product. In the past I have read a lot about vitamin oxidation. If you look at old, past date vitamins it is obvious what that looks like. I am a vitamin hoarded and my powder vitamin C gets so crusty! I read somewhere that after the vitamin C is placed into water that it oxidizes within a couple hours and at that point is no longer good for you (maybe even bad for you, don’t acids leach calcium?).

Anyhow, I am not so well educated about these things. I just know vitamins and water eventually leads to them breaking down or oxidizing or something. That said, why do so many people leave their jimmyjoy-plennyshake/Soylent out and in the fridge? Anyone know the facts about this issue? References are appreciated if you have them.

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Maybe someone else can provide references and a better explanation but, as far as I know, oxidation only happens when there is water and the jimmyjoy-plennyshake powder is dry (and is expected to keep in a dry place).

So, unless you leave it mixed with water for a long time, it should be safe.

Hi Drilek, thanks for your response. I guess what I am trying to figure out is how the nutrient content changes over the course of a couple hours to several hours to a day after you mix it with water. I know high temperatures break down many vitamins, but how much are we losing when we let our jimmyjoy-plennyshake sit?

Not important as whenever I get jimmyjoy-plennyshake I will likely just make what I want to eat right away but it would be an interesting to know.

Hi, I have a rebound question : after how many weeks/months do the vitamins start degrading if the jimmyjoy-plennyshake pack is past its comsuption date ? is it still safe to eat unopened jimmyjoy-plennyshake that is 6 months old, if properly stored ? Maybe it just loses all its vitamins ?

So no answer from the jimmyjoy-plennyshake team, eh? :confused:

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Sorry for never getting back to this question! We unfortunately can’t say how long this takes, so we don’t recommend still using our products after the expiry date.

@isabel I don’t think the expiry date was the question here. The question was more like - you prepare a single jimmyjoy-plennyshake meal and you leave it in the fridge for 8 hours. And in this case, do the vitamins oxidize too much within these 8 hours. That was my understanding of the question.

Oh, right! Unfortunately we don’t know the answer to that question, sorry.

I got interested by this question. Found this on the National Library of Medicine about vitamin C oxidation:

Though not a complete answer to your questions, oxidation does occur. However, there is a lot more to take into account; for instance if you have copper pipes for your drinking water or not. To my knowledge only vitamin C is extremely unstable. The other vitamins are a lot more stable, even in water.

I wouldn’t worry too much about oxidation and if you are worried about losing a part of the vitamin C because of some oxidation, then you can of course eat an apple a day to compensate ;).

Hope this helps.

Oh: and of course this all does not apply to anyone who drinks the jimmyjoy-plennyshake shake soon after it is made. Significant oxidation does not happen in minutes.

Hi there. Assuming anyone stumbles across this thread out of curiosity (like me), I’ll post what I found through a brief search

From this report and some very rough extrapolation by myself, it seems that vitamin C in water has a half life of about 50 hours at 5 °C and about 30 hours at room temperature, not taking into account other components in the jimmyjoy-plennyshake meal.

Thanks for your replies everyone! To clarify, the question was regarding the oxidation of vitamins after the bag is mixed or opened. Nice to get some love, even months later <3