What happened to "Some Type Of Whey"?

Hi there, Just noticed the small relaunch together with getting the TWENNYBARS up. Since then, the Whey Protein Shakes have kind of disappeared… :frowning:

Will they be back? I have made an Order over 3 bags I already had in cart. What happens to them?

I asked the same question by email and I was told that whey is gone for good!
Soooo dissapointed!!!

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There’s so much companies selling whey products that I think this is not selling big enough to be worth the trouble. It doesn’t help the jimmyjoy-plennyshake brand. Let’s concentrate on Joyelent/Twenniebars and RTD, that’s where the real added value is. Whey is not a very complicated product.

I asked the same and have not gotten any response until now. That is a pity because of the great taste (at least strawberry is awesome). :frowning:

I know there are tons of companies selling whey products and I was also told they want to focus on jimmyjoy-plennyshake and the new bars. I understand, but I loved the whey: it was cheap and delicious!!! Besides, they removed it just like that, without notice. If I had known I would had propably bought some to store while I find a different brand that can supply both products.
Again, I am deeply dissapointed!

Yeah, strawberry was really awesome, i’ll miss it…

We’re indeed going to stop with they whey products, sorry guys :pensive: We indeed, like @mike.philippens mentioned, decided to concentrate on our jimmyjoy-plennyshake products more than the whey. We’re planning on having a last stock sale though of our leftover Mango whey. If you ever ordered whey from us before, you can expect to receive an email about this soon!