Which persona can you relate to the most?

If you are anything like us, you’d like to believe that we are all special one-of-a-kind unicorns, experiencing this crazy thing called life (or simulation?) in our own unique way. Still, after developing nutritionally complete meals since 2014 we’ve come to identify some remarkable personality types!

Are we painting with a broad brush? Of course! But are we wrong…?

Find out for yourself: take a look at common Jimmy Joy-personas and let us know which one you are!

The Athlete
You’re always making sure your body is in tiptop shape. You are disciplined and work out multiple times per week. You take your nutrition just as seriously as your muscle gains and use Plenny Shake Active to make sure you eat exactly what you need to get the best results out of your efforts.

The Vegan
You want to contribute to a better world for humans as well as for animals. Animal well-being is a priority for you but you don’t want to compromise on your own nutritional needs. You enjoy our Plenny-meals guilt-free, knowing they are sustainable while providing you with complete nutrition.

The Clean Eater
Your body is your temple and you treat it that way. No junk food, only clean eating. Your mental and physical health are perfectly in tune, and you work hard to keep it that way. Routines are key and staying well-nourished is an important part of that.

The Young Professional
You’re ambitious and working hard to make a name for yourself. You are hungry, and not just for success. You need to keep that engine running so you choose quick and easy meals with optimal nutrition, so you can focus on yourself and your career.

The Gamer
Who has time to prepare and cook a meal when your squad is counting on you? Lives are at stake here, and the mission is the number one priority! Instead of ordering a pizza, chug a Plenny Shake and get back in the game. Good luck, trooper. Godspeed!

The Student
The only thing you have time for is studying and working a part-time job to pay for your rent. Cooking? Only on the weekends with friends. Besides, food is expensive! With a Jimmy Joy subscription you’re saving 15% on your meals.

The Busy Parent
How can anyone juggle a job, relationships, house chores, exercise, a family, AND a healthy diet?! At least one of those will get the short end of the stick eventually, and it’s not going to be your family. With our Plenny-meals you have one less thing to worry about, and more time left to spend with your nearest and dearest.

The Party Animal
All you want to do is have some fun, but your body punishes you for it every time you do. It’s not like it was some ten-odd years ago - hangovers now seem to last forever… Slowly sipping on a nutritionally dense Plenny Shake gets you back on your feet in no time, though. So where’s the after party?

The Futurist
You’re always on the forefront of the latest developments and you want to be as efficient as possible with everything you do. Whether it’s your job, your exercise routine, or your nutritional needs: it’s all about optimization. This way you can focus your limited time on learning about the latest cryptocurrencies and reconnaissance missions to Mars.

So, which Jimmy Joy persona do you identify with most?

Which personality type are you?
  • Athlete
  • Vegan
  • Clean eater
  • Young professional
  • Gamer
  • Student
  • Busy parent
  • Party animal
  • Futurist

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The vegan athlete gamer :grin:

But clearly, don’t harm animals is the main reason :slight_smile:


I’m afraid I’m the party animal, if I have to pick one… For me it’s just the idea that I have at least 1 healthy meal per day thanks to JJ :smiley:


I would describe myself as a futurist that is also a consciously eating (almost full-time) vegetarian that likes to do sport for mental and physical well-being.


Athlete Young Professional Futurist


Haha, I did not expect people to be combining the different personas. Awesome :sunglasses:

In that case I’m an athletic, futuristic young professional with a dash of party animal!


For me, both the vegan an the clean eater

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Busy parent, but without kids. Just confused in general about how people are able to have a job, relationships, do house chores, exercise, have a family, and maintain a healthy diet. I barely maintain one :man_shrugging:


As fitness instructor working out multiple times a day guess going for ‘‘athlete’’ option :upside_down_face:

Would be great if JJ also would introduce some protein bars (higher protein content for same amount of cal aka higher ‘‘protein density’’ if that makes sense) :grinning:

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I miss the lonely, lazy and introverted option :smirk:


The vegan gamer here, it just helps me out in between matches

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Boomer gamer for sure!

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Labels are for products :blush:

If forced to categorize myself I would have to say Vegan, Athlete, Party Animal, Futurist.

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None of these in isolation.
I just think most meals were about nourishment, and it was making eating less fun in general, and sometimes stressful when I didn’t know whether I would find enough food I liked during group dinners to avoid a migraine.

Now Jimmy Joy is my healthy baseline, with all my other meals being more fun. I love that it’s vegan, covering 80% of my diet. The rest of my diet is mostly vegetarian, but not quite entirely yet. When group dinners were a thing I could pick the few things I liked from a menu and fill it out with some jimmy joy.

I do play games, but that’s not why I eat these shakes. If anything it helps more with morning commutes. Having a shaker bottle nearby is a bit of a risk while gaming.

Clean eater although the convenience is a big benefit

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I don’t really fit into any of those labels. I suffer from chronic headache and migraines and I am unable to work because of that. It is really hard for me to eat in the morning because that is when it worst and I have nausea. If I don’t eat things get worse, so I shake is something that I can overcome. I am not vegan, but I prefer soy isolate in my shakes. Earlier I have used Herbalife shakes, but they are just too expensive.

As I had to choose one of the above I chose busy parent, but I don’t have kids or a job. But easy tasty meals are my thing :blush:

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Athlete Young Professional Futurist is a combination that describes me very well.

Almost all of it! :joy::see_no_evil: I‘m not yet a parent though, but I am vegan, care about the environment a lot and I try to get and stay in shape by working out almost every day and eating clean :muscle:t3:
As a student I have a very limited budget so I‘m really thankful for the inexpensive meals and since I am hustling, trying to build my own business at the same time, I am just as thankful about the small amount of time that I need to prepare my food :raised_hands:t3:
Jimmy Joy is such a game-changer, honestly! Thank you guys for your great work!! :blush: