Will a vegan Jimmy Joy bar be developed?

Hi :slight_smile:

I just ordered my first batch of vegan, but I would really like it if a vegan version of the bar will be developed in the future!

Not only vegans would like that product, but lactose intollerant people would like it as well.



Hey mama Lou,

I am working on a vegan bar, can not say when it will be finished though but I hope somewhere in the coming half year.



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That’s awesome! :slight_smile: I’m looking forward to it ^^

I was thinking about it too. That would be great. I am lactose intollerant and I use vegan. I became vegan after learning about my intolerance, but I still ate fish and eggs… then I learnt about all the problems with CO2 and how about animal products can harm your body (e.g. cancer etc) so I became vegan and this is not about to change.

PL E A S E make the bar VEGAN! T H A N K YOU!