New formula [MEGA THREAD]

Iam making a neutral version with flavorpacks right here:

EDIT: flavour packs wont be a thing after consideration. We are now making flavoured Big Bags.


Hi again,

The protein value is now on par with what I expected ( can you disclose the ratio between protein sources? oats, soy flour, soy protein?).
As you stated initially “Contributors to the formula will be able to buy it for the pre-order price into the future” is still valid? ( in particular the “16 to 21 October: 20,- EUR” pricing per bag?
When will the flavorpacks ingredients/price will be available?
When is the release/shipping date expected? ( to manage my remains of my old JJ stock).

Best regards.

Saw now on site that the shipping date is after week 48 ( so from 26th November. 18-23-16-59

My actual JJ stock will end much before.
Since no replies yet, to some important questions made, I will wait for others opinion on the product itself.

I just tried the new formula with mango, didn’t like the smoothness at all. :’( I really prefer a more chunky oaty shake. It smelled better before and it was more mild in its taste. This new formula is too sharp for me, it tasted a bit like burnt sugary popcorn(?).

I started with Jimmy Joy some 18 months ago and got hooked instantly. I really loved the previous recipe and it felt healthy. I usually eat a shake every work day and couldn’t get enough of the mango flavored. :slight_smile: I also enoyed vanilla and sometimes some chocolate and strawberry. At first I was laughed at at the office for “not eating food” but I have since then converted three colleges. :slight_smile: They also didn’t like the new recipe though so I am really hoping for some good change… :frowning:

Reading the discussions above I would gladly see more oats and less maltodextrin. And higher part protein since I am active during my free time. Hmm… protein wise though, I could opt for the active instead so I guess it is actually not a problem for me. The prize is not an issue at all (within sane limits). I didn’t buy the vegan alternative before but I wish I did so I could compare the taste difference between whey and soy protein. Is it a big difference? Perhaps that is also a reason I (and my colleges) didn’t like this?

Will order a Big Bag and see if that is better. Hoping for some flavor packs though as I don’t intend to mix my own. I use Jimmy Joy to be healthy at the same time as I don’t have to spend time with food preparations.

I am considering returning my shipment of the new flavors and try some alternatives while waiting for the Big Bag. Really like the big bag concept though!

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Hey, so I’ve been using JJ for some time, and was excited to see and try the new formula. I haven’t had a shipment since before the change, but I noticed; it is not available in the US just yet. Any idea when it will become available Stateside?

Second-third week of November. There would also be Plenny Drink in that shipment so you will be fully up to speed (except the new bag, I guess).

Hey there. I just wanted to bring up this new study about Inulin (soluble fiber), which has been connected to higher risk of liver cancer on mice with a particular microbiome state:

Just to take it into account if possible, adding to what patricius commented before.

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A vegan shake with the right aminoacid profile is as nutritious as a whey based one. The only difference may be abortion rate, which you may want to take into account if you are drinking after exercise or something like that. In that case you should just drink whatever protein shake you want. Why do you prefer whey based, do you think it is better?

The old formula had a very pleasant mouthfeel when mixed with milk (never mixed with water, so I can’t comment on that). The slightly-forward oat taste was nice, as it gave my body something familiar that resembled a meal as opposed to a drink (psychosomatic effect towards satiety). Going towards a more-varied protein profile (not just soy, but adding in whey, casein, pea, maybe some chia or flax seed) would be great. The old bags were too narrow, making it very easy to “feed the countertops” as my wife used to say; any adjustment to make it easier to get my hand and scoop in there would be welcome (maybe going for a tub?). Larger-quantity bags/tubs would be amazing for reducing the amount of trash generated, as long as the powder can go 3-5 days without spoiling.

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I think using WHO and EFSA macronutrient guidelines and avoiding food fads is a good idea.

Also, why are some people opposed to maltodextrin? It is a corn-based carbohydrate.

So I’m pretty happy with the status quo. It seems that some people think they will be healthier if they consume more protein than they need to - but they probably wouldn’t be. It is unwise imo to buy into this recent trend (paleo, keto, Atkins, or whatever it is being called this month) that says carbohydrates are bad and large amounts of protein are wonderful.

Please keep offering a vegan option. And thanks for listening!

Because it has a GI of 85, aka it breakes down really fast and is converted into glucose, causing spikes in blood sugar levels. Thus is something people with insulin resistance symptoms look out for. I guess very broadly speaking people tag them with the same aura as sugars (not that I am agreeing with this).

On top of that maltodextrin is a highly processed carbohydrate, it can be done with GMO corn and it is related to corn syrup.

If you only eat simple carbs, then sure it may have those effects. But with a balanced mix of complex and less complex carbs the effect becomes invisible. With other macro’s like in ours the GI averages 30-40

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Ye, maybe I should ahve made that point more clear. I wasn’t taking about Plenny shake but maltodextrin on its own.

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One of the other large drawbacks of the new formula to me, is that it turns slimy after a few hours of refrigeration. Will this big bag formula turn slimy with refrigeration? Will the big bag formula be available to the United States market?

Hey Bones, yeah it is designed to eat straight away. We know it gets slimey and know that people like to pre make their shake. We found the cause of the sliminess and will update.


Thanks for schooling me a bit re maltodextrin.

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Appreciate your involvement of the community! As anyone expected you can’t create one product that makes everyone happy. Why not create a survey on this matter? That would also allow you to cluster different customer groups and wishes. Start with basic questions anyone would answer and allow room for detail questions to those you might know what they talk about.

This was my biggest concern, apart from hopefully getting used to the slightly different taste. Got unsure due to the sliminess if it was supposed to be consumed straight away or if it’s just the new formula.

When can we expect “update 2.0.1” to be shipped, since I imagine you have some stock of the new formula?

Regarding the slightly different taste profile… Is this related to the soy or something else? I tested a vegan version of the old formula once, and just couldn’t finish it. Just tasted horrible.

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So I think I read that you’re willing to make an “on-demand” production run, If the order is big enough? Clearly, there’s a contingent of us that are absolutely in love with the original formula and do not wish to change. If we banded together into a co-op, would you produce the original formula for us?


I used JJ from about 4 years at 90% of my nutrition so have a long time test on my body.
I saw that 2k kcals are too much for me:
I use 2.75 full spoon to maintain weight, 2.5 to lose, and 3 to gain. For full spoon I mean the JJ spoon filled to the edge.
I’m 183 cm tall, 80kg, male, my work is in a office but I do also 3 hours gym per week. 1700 kcal shouldn’t be enough for me but it is.
I think that the less needs of kcal is justified by the less use for the digestive process.
What would I say with this post? Simple, if you’re studying a new formula, please overcharge vitamins, mineral and others macronutrient because if someone use less than 2k kcal per day he doesn’t assume all of what he needs.