New formula [MEGA THREAD]

One of the other large drawbacks of the new formula to me, is that it turns slimy after a few hours of refrigeration. Will this big bag formula turn slimy with refrigeration? Will the big bag formula be available to the United States market?

Hey Bones, yeah it is designed to eat straight away. We know it gets slimey and know that people like to pre make their shake. We found the cause of the sliminess and will update.


Thanks for schooling me a bit re maltodextrin.

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Appreciate your involvement of the community! As anyone expected you can’t create one product that makes everyone happy. Why not create a survey on this matter? That would also allow you to cluster different customer groups and wishes. Start with basic questions anyone would answer and allow room for detail questions to those you might know what they talk about.

This was my biggest concern, apart from hopefully getting used to the slightly different taste. Got unsure due to the sliminess if it was supposed to be consumed straight away or if it’s just the new formula.

When can we expect “update 2.0.1” to be shipped, since I imagine you have some stock of the new formula?

Regarding the slightly different taste profile… Is this related to the soy or something else? I tested a vegan version of the old formula once, and just couldn’t finish it. Just tasted horrible.

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So I think I read that you’re willing to make an “on-demand” production run, If the order is big enough? Clearly, there’s a contingent of us that are absolutely in love with the original formula and do not wish to change. If we banded together into a co-op, would you produce the original formula for us?


I used JJ from about 4 years at 90% of my nutrition so have a long time test on my body.
I saw that 2k kcals are too much for me:
I use 2.75 full spoon to maintain weight, 2.5 to lose, and 3 to gain. For full spoon I mean the JJ spoon filled to the edge.
I’m 183 cm tall, 80kg, male, my work is in a office but I do also 3 hours gym per week. 1700 kcal shouldn’t be enough for me but it is.
I think that the less needs of kcal is justified by the less use for the digestive process.
What would I say with this post? Simple, if you’re studying a new formula, please overcharge vitamins, mineral and others macronutrient because if someone use less than 2k kcal per day he doesn’t assume all of what he needs.


Since my stock of classic JJ just dried up I just had my first shake of the new formula, chocolate flavor.

I could hardly finish it. I’m sorry to say it, but it tasted like cardboard. Sincerely hope the next bag of strawberry flavor will be better.

As someone who is into strength sports and work out six days a week, I could really use more protein. As it stands I have to take supplements of whey protein to make up for the loss with the new formula. But I realize the old formula had a bit too much protein in it for the average person, so maybe something in between?

The “active” one is a no go since I loathe banana. Tried a bag anyway, but it didn’t do.

Still a big fan of JJ though. Only way I can eat enough during the busy day :slight_smile:


Sorry to hear the Active banana taste was not to your liking, we will introduce more flavors for the Active version as soon as we can. We take all feedback into consideration so i will pass it on to Karel for the next iteration.

We have a special community formula coming up . You can pre-order it on
No maltodextrin, Environmentally friendly 25 meals big bag, Plant-based, High protein (29g per 100g) Low carbs 37g per 100g), Low sugar (3,4g per 100g) High quality, affordable pricing ($1,10 per meal)

This is some overall feedback of the product and not necessarily aimed at the experimental version.


The issue with protein intake recommendations are that people do not excercise as much as they should, which leads to decreased need for protein in an average person. However, research has shown that protein intake up to 1,6 g per kilogram of body weight per day has been beneficial in active individuals. Also, there is a difference between what is recommended for an average person to avoid muscle atrophy and what is safe to eat, so I don’t see a reason to only put in the minimum amount of protein for an inactive person from a health standpoint. The safe amount for healthy people seems to be somewhere over 2 g per kilogram of body weight per day.

If a person had healthy exercise habits, healthy food would include more protein than is currently recommended.

On a side note, people seem to be confused about the active shake price and I was at first too. I think it would be clearer to present the price as €/400 kcal just like the normal plenny shake as now it’s €/500 kcal and it may seem to be more expensive per calorie even if it’s not.


I think it would be important to re-evaluate some of the quite old research on vitamin intake recommendations, put more weight on newer research, and also take maximum safe amounts into consideration. Newer research usually indicates that previous recommendations have been too low instead of enough or too much.

I don’t think that individual ideal intake is the same as minimum intake where no adverse effects of statistical significance have been recorded. Instead, ideal intake would probably be somewhere between minimum intake and maximum safe intake. For example, dietary vitamin D recommendations have been increased in my country to 10 µg per day in recent years, yet newer research still indicates that it’s too low since calcifediol levels in blood decrease during the winter when people don’t get as much vitamin D from the sun. The guy that used the old version of Plenny for 6 months (there was also a blog post here about that) and got tested also had low levels of vitamin D. Even the blog post stated that the international guidelines might be too low.

Product information

It would be nice to have all the possible information about JimmyJoy formulas in one place, even if it wasn’t legally required. For example, amino acid profile, omega 3 and omega 6 ratio, GI, amount of sucralose etc., all of which could be found on the forum but not everyone could find them and same questions would be asked again or the information would be outdated. It wouldn’t need to be on the label of the package, just something like “extended product information” on JimmyJoy website.

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I see it still includes sodium fluoride, and I assume that the justification remains “because that’s what the WHO says we should put in there”.

Please consider that the WHO is intended to serve billions of people who live in poverty and do not have access to clean running water, much less proper dental hygiene. Getting ANY fluoride into the mouths of people living in such conditions may be a reasonable goal. Please also consider that the WHO is generally the health organization Of Last Resort; Most developed nations have their own health authorities. The WHO serves as a health authority for nations which are TOO POOR or TOO DYSFUNCTIONAL to have their own. It makes sense that people living in such countries would be far less likely to have access to proper dental hygiene, so someone could make the argument for the WHO to err on the side of too much fluoride.

The SCIENCE does not support INGESTED fluoride for any purpose. Indeed, ingested fluoride can lead to many detrimental outcomes. TOPICAL use of fluoride for the prevention of caries IS supported by science. That’s why people in developed countries use toothpaste with fluoride.

If you’re going to make the claim that this “community” formula is more driven by science (and presumably less bound by the RDI of health authorities like the WHO) then PLEASE cite some papers which conclude that fluoride should be INGESTED at the levels that would be present in a 100% JJ diet. Or you can remove this claim from your charter:

I would also love to make a version that is more driven by the latest research and input from the community.

Where is the research saying we should be eating fluoridated foods?
Where is the community request for the inclusion of fluoride?

Please help me as I am having trouble finding either.


Thank you all for the great contribution. The formula is not the final version so all feedback is greatly appreciated. We are constantly learning and hiring new talent, the science is progressing and the community has their wants too. It takes time to make iterations as our partners all have their lead time and minimum quantity per order. For example the micronutrients in this formula is the mix that is made for us and comes straight from our regular line, which is based on recommendation by the WHO and EFSA. We work hard and are dedicated to make this product line a succes and as precisely in line with the wants of our community as possible so do keep it coming.


I’ve been using Joy-lent around two years, maybe more. I orderer around 50 bags every two/three months. Everyday I looked forward to drink the shake (vanilla flavour) because it tastes SO good, also the nutritional facts were great for me (workout 3/4 days a week), and everything was good.

I ordered the new flavor withtout knowing it (didnt pay much attention) and now I can say I’ve only be able to drink 10 of those 50 bags. And in fact I think im going to seend it to the trash because is undrinkable.

It tastes really bad, artifficial, like drinkin paper or something. And the nutritional facts are horrible, I mean I need protein, that’s another resason I was using Joy-lent.

Sorry to say that because you did a lot of good in the past for me but that was my last order. Looking for alternatives since


We have made another version right here, maybe that is more your cup of thee. Sorry to have disappointed you.

Hi Koningsbruggen,

Thanks for the info, the problem is ordering a 25kg meals bug without knowing how it tastes/feels is unaffordable for me, sadly.

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It is 2.3kg and 25 meals. There is also an Active version with lots of protein and banana flavour.

Sorry I meant 25meals no kilos. I’d like to try one bag in order to taste it before I order 25 bags. That’s what I meant.

Could you email us at and refer to this thread ?

I let my subscription convert to the new formula automatically, kinda assumed the changes would be subtle. Just drank my first vanilla flavor (my favorite taste) of the new formula and cancelled my subscription. What did you do to the sublte oaty flavor, it’s all gone. I can’t drink 20 more bags of this, such a waste.


Very sorry to hear that. You can return them to us for a refund of course. We’ve seen a steady rise in subscriptions since the new formula so other people could enjoy your unopened bags. It could also be that you will get used to it if you try it a few meals? Please email us if you want to return the bags to us for a refund: