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New formula [MEGA THREAD]

Plenny Shake is 1.1g of ALA per serving (400kcal).
Plenny Shake Wake Up should be the same since they share the formula.
Plenny Shake Active not sure, tbh.

I’m not convinced with the new Big Bag Formula … More Protein? but lots of soy. maybe a mix would be better? (of course you have proteins from oatmeal and linseed) Maybe a mix of soy/pea, rice! (lots of bcaa’s) and maybe hemp or some nut protein. I’m not an expert for amino acids and stuff. But I think a larger variety of protein, would give it better amino acid profile (so you don’t need that many proteins.) (also you shouldn’t have a look on essential amino acids only … i think a large variety is always good. not only for muscle grow) If you have that many proteins it would be also useful to have digestive enzymes in it.

The Big Bag has all the essential amino acids!

Ok. That’s true of cause. It also might not be the worst ratio of amino acids you have. Soy is a good protein source (it also has some weaknesses … i.e. low methionin, lots of jimmy joy->lots of soy-> lots of trypsininhibitors->probably lots of gut problems after a while).
But you could improve it …

I just wanted to voice my concern about the level of fluoride you’re currently putting in Plenny Shake.

You guys know most of North America already has their water fluoridated at 0.7mg/liter, right?

So the average North American going through 2000kcal worth of Plenny Shake per day, plus their intake from tap water could be getting …a lot… of fluoride.

I already get fluoride in my drinking water and my toothpaste. Could you please not put it in Plenny Shake.


Also: The Netherlands - where Jimmy Joy is based - has not added fluoride to drinking water since 1973, because the Supreme Court of the Netherlands ruled it was illegal. So you might actually be in violation of Dutch law for deliberately adding it to the food supply, depending on how the ruling was worded.

Hello @joyous

Next powder update we don’t have the fluoride added anymore. (launch is somewhere end 2019).

With love,



I just tried the new formula (chocolate). Compared to the previous chocolate one, I couldn’t really taste any chocolate at all. Also, making my typical 400kcal meal, I was full for 2 hours and 30 minutes instead of the typical 3 hours + some minutes. It’s possibly related to the lower protein content. Also, I liked the roughness of the previous formula as it actually felt like eating a meal (to some extent) but that isn’t quite important. The powder is a lot finer now and that isn’t an issue for me, I just hope that the other flavours have more taste :smiley:

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For visibility I also want to give my input in this thread. We got last week our first two bags after eating JJ for a while since its older, (better) name. I loved the taste of vanilla and chocolate and after the availabilty of the big packs with protein closer to the old formula I thought this would be perfect. But I think it tastes nothing like the old formula and changed to something I won’t eat anymore. I showed JJ a lot of people but can’t recommend the new formula. And I am very sad about that.

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@Jason235 @Karl

Thanks a lot for the input! I will take this into account.



If there’s a new recipe planned for the end of this year then it might be a good idea to discuss it (in detail) well ahead of its release.

At least you’d avoid everyone waiting for it only to get disappointed, as it happened.

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First of all, congratulations because I believe that the big bag has the best ratio of macronutrients on the market. Second thing: I tried the shake with the classic recipe, ie X powder, 3X water. But it is extremely solid, you can almost chew it. Has anyone found an optimal relationship without having to proceed by trial and error? Thank you

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Is the big bag closer to the old formula? My first purchase was the newer formula. While very smooth, both flavors (mango, strawberry) weren’t flavorful at all to me. They lightly tasted of mango and strawberry, with no hint of sweetness. The formula is very thin. I’m jealous when reading reviews that state the old formula was thicccccc & lightly sweetened.

Or who has unopened bags they can sell???

The big bag seems to be the closest to the old formula. It is not as thick as the old formula but quite close.

I also liked the thickness of the old formula, the new formula being too water-like is a bit odd for me so I prefer the big bag.

I haven’t tried all the new flavours yet but Mango was a good surprise as it actually had a taste while the new chocolate practically has no taste at all compared to the old chocolate which I liked a lot.


I have to double check, but I think I have about 30 bags of strawberry, and about 10 of mango that I would be willing to sell.

Hello everyone

This is the first time I try “complete foods”, so I didn’t try the old recipe or products of any other similar brand so I will give here my input, I think it’s unbiased.

I bought 3 bags, one for banana, chocolate and vanilla.
I tried chocolate first since I love chocolate :slight_smile: and it disappointed me. In my opinion, it doesn’t taste at all like a chocolate , the shake had a very oaty taste but I didn’t notice any note of “chocolate”.
Second was the banana flavor and for now my favorite. Very oaty aftertaste but it does have a bit of banana aftertaste. Slight but it’s there.
Vanilla was also good, it does have a bit of vanilla flavour.Not my favorite but I could live with it.

In texture I think its ok, its not thick but not too watery (I did it with the proportions on the bag). The packaging is good and for now I didn’t have any spill. As an improvement I would advice to give a stronger flavor on the product, it taste too much as ‘oatmeal’.


Of the old formula?? I’ll take 2 of each flavor to try please! Let me know if you can do USPS.

Regarding the new formula Change that happened ~this month/later half of march:
I really don’t like the Change of the texture. It’s not smooth anymore, but grainy, with hard Crumbs. Also the taste somehow got really really bitter, mango for example doesn’t taste like mango in the least, but just bitter.

Support told me that it was based on customer Feedback, who felt that Plenny Shake was “Too smooth”, but I can’t find any Feedback saying this.
Posting here in the hopes that the Change gets reverted, and I can resubscribe again.

I can confirm that the new formula being too water-like is the thing that I disliked the most. I’m really happy to hear that it is not extremely smooth anymore.

I haven’t had the non-smooth new formula yet but I’m a bit worried about the possible crumbs (I also read that complaint on Reddit). I hope the taste of the new non-smooth formula is not even worse (that would be an achievement), as compared to the old, year 2018 formula, the new recipes practically lack taste. The only one with a noticeable real flavour is the mango one.

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I don’t really get the point. If it’s too watery, I use less water. I found 250ml instead of the recommended 300ml as perfect for me.
It has nothing to do with the smoothness IMHO, the thickness can be adjusted however you like it, but the smoothness depends on the powder.

Yeah, there are crumbs, and the taste… well. I’ll just say that I was sure there was a production mistake, because the shakes didn’t taste like something people would knowingly sell as food. Strawberry got the least worse, so it tastes a bit better than the rest, coffee doesn’t taste like coffee but just bitter, and mango…tastes like they used really really unripe mangos, it doesn’t really taste like mango, just very bitter. I’m a person that generally likes bitter food, so I can still drink it, but it doesn’t taste…right IMHO. As if they forgot the sweetener or something.
I’d just suggest ordering a few bags first, I’m stuck with 13kg that I need but don’t like anymore :smiley:

@Elgareth @Karl Hi guys, sorry to hear about the new formula letting you down. We had a shipment of not-so-smooth flaxseed which changed the texture of a couple of batches and made it a bit more gritty. However the flavor shouldn’t have been affected by that. If you feel that it’s really not up to the quality you’re used to from us please contact us at love@jimmyjoy.com so we can come up with a solution for this. Apologies for the inconvenience!