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New formula [MEGA THREAD]


Plenny Shake is 1.1g of ALA per serving (400kcal).
Plenny Shake Wake Up should be the same since they share the formula.
Plenny Shake Active not sure, tbh.


I’m not convinced with the new Big Bag Formula … More Protein? but lots of soy. maybe a mix would be better? (of course you have proteins from oatmeal and linseed) Maybe a mix of soy/pea, rice! (lots of bcaa’s) and maybe hemp or some nut protein. I’m not an expert for amino acids and stuff. But I think a larger variety of protein, would give it better amino acid profile (so you don’t need that many proteins.) (also you shouldn’t have a look on essential amino acids only … i think a large variety is always good. not only for muscle grow) If you have that many proteins it would be also useful to have digestive enzymes in it.


The Big Bag has all the essential amino acids!