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*NEW Plenny Bar - Chocolate

Sure. It’s feels like the taste stays with you a lot longer that the regular bar. In addition, to that it feels like it creates an oily layer. Honestly, if the regular bar would be vegan and more chocolaty, that would be perfect


Just tried mine today. Don’t know which version it is.

The taste: a bit weird at first but then gets better. Maybe too powerfull. I love the crunchiness but wasn’t prepared for that. Definitely adds something interesting to the bar.
The bar is also a bit difficult to chew even if it looks a bit sluggish but just like the twenny chocolate bar … same “dryness”.


Thanks for that, appreciate the extra details :v:t2:


I absolutely love the texture, I often find the regular Twenny bar difficult to eat in one go because it requires a lot of chewing and leaves my mouth a little dry. While this bar is drier, it doesn’t dry my mouth out which is great. The crunch and thinner, wider form especially are fantastic.

I like the flavour while eating, but after a while it starts to leave a weird aftertaste in my mouth/back of my throat. Maybe a sweetener? It’s hard to tell.

I’m very excited to see this new version progress!

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Yeah I had no diarrhea after eating it like I always had with the old version! So definately an improvement.

It’s a bit softer. That’s also good. But still tough to bite.
I like the crunchiness.

Taste is ok. Not to sweet. Had a little bit of heartburn-like feeling in my throat.

It’s not melting, sticky or fatty. That’s good.

I would like a version with nuts …

Just ate my chocolate bar and was positively suprised.

I liked it pretty much - the taste is natural chocolate - not too sweet and not too much chocolate taste (with some bars the chocolate taste completley takes over). You still can taste the cereals.

I also like the texture - it is crunchy and not to fine or soft. But not to hard.

Dryness - OK, perhaps it could be a little bit to dry - but I am not sure about it. I really liked the bar. It is more then a snack, because you have to chew and it takes a while until it is “gone” ;). Just a protein bar or other sweets are gone much to fast. imho this is quite important for me, having to chew a while and to take my time to eat.

I would buy the bar straight away, if it would already be available. Would be interested in the Vanilla tast.


Just had my sample v11 chocolate bar and jumped right onto the forum to share my feedback, turns out, most of it is pretty much in line with what has been said so far (texture, dryness, flavor remarks), but a short summary of my input below:

I have a Twenny bar subscription and am a big fan but am also pondering upon the idea of going vegan, so was excited to see there’s a vegan bar in the making!! I’m generally not the biggest fan of chocolate flavors (vanilla is more my thing), but found this one wasn’t too overwhelming and I liked it! I liked the texture with the crunchy bits, but I’d prefer the more moist texture of the Twenny bar over this.

Either way, really happy to see the evolution and would definitely be in the market to add this type of bar to my subscription!

I also received a sample with my last subscription:

  • I like its crunchiness, for me way better than the classic bar.
  • the flavor is more characteristic/evident than the old one, I prefer it over the old bar.
  • It is a bit “dry” as others said, but I suppose it is impossible to compress a meal in a bar and avoid it. For me it is not a big problem, also with the old one I had to drink after finishing it.

Any plan to experiment new tastes in addition to the classic chocolate/vanilla? Any hope for a coffee-inspired bar for us caffeine addicted?

Awesome! Are the other bars also going to be plantbased?

Yes, indeed. The other bars are also going to be vegan. We have vanilla and chocolate now and are working on more.

I liked the new bar better. The shape makes it easier to bite. It’s more crunchy which is nice, the current bar is too sticky in my opinion. I felt like the chocolate/sweet taste wasn’t as strong in the new bar which I liked because I easily get sick of the taste with too sweet foods.

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Got the “new bar, 100% vegan”, I’m guessing I’m in the right place. I thought it was tasty and filling. My friend thought it was a bit dry, but I didn’t really think about it/mind. He also thought it could’ve been sweeter, but I really, really like that it kinda tastes like oatmeal and not some sugar bomb candy bar (please don’t start adding unnecessary sugar to your products just for the taste, keep it nutritious first and foremost). I liked the size too, was nice and filling. I’d definitely buy the bars.


Yeah the fact that the products aren’t very sweet is a major selling point for me. I don’t want meals that taste like candy, that would turn me off real quick.


Yeah I had no diarrhea after eating it like I always had with the old version! So definately an improvement.

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No diarrhea = improvement :muscle:

Is the chocolate bar still in the works? Big fan of the caramel but variety is always good!


I’m also interested in the Chocoalte Plenny Bar. :slight_smile:

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Same here, very much looking forward to them!

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Definitely in the works, no definitive ETA yet tho!

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Hey all, I would like to add that we are currently looking at an (early) Q2 release for the Plenny Bar Chocolate in Europe :slight_smile: